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The Harvest Gardener.

For the food grower, this book is packed with information and inspiration.

While it might be considered encyclopedic in breadth, we found it difficult to use as an encyclopedia. For example, in looking up "Jerusalem artichokes" we were referred to various sections on cooking, harvesting, storing, and temperature preference. The "harvesting" entry is in a few paragraphs on digging tools, and consists of one paragraph: "Bring a shovel to find all the Jerusalem artichoke tubers before they escape and colonize neighboring areas. Dig systematically and carefully through the area to find them all."

But even where it might not be terribly useful as a |look-up" reference, almost any gardener will find reading it both enjoyable and informative. This is a book to sit and enjoy - and learn from.

Then too, this is not so much about how to plant a garden as it is about gardening - lots of little ideas you're not likely to run into elsewhere.

Included is a 40-page "Encyclopedia of Crops," and a good section on preserving garden crops.
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Date:Sep 1, 1993
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