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The Harper demolition.

The October 19 federal election is one of the most critical in Canadian history, and certainly the most pivotal contest since the end of the Second World War. While the tale of Harper's boast that "You won't recognize Canada when I'm through with it" is apocryphal, the threat has proven deadly accurate, as the contributors to this special election issue make plain. This Election 2015 Focus, the brainchild of coordinating editor Andrea Levy, is CD's contribution to the chorus of voices from coast to coast to coast calling--in print, online and even in song!--for the defeat of this toxic government. It is a sobering truth that our best hope at present lies with an NDP victory. If the NDP does prevail, strong pressure from the Left will be essential to attempt to hold the party to its promises of cancelling Bill C-51, introducing proportional representation, imposing a $15 minimum wage in federally regulated sectors, restoring door-to-door mail delivery and scrapping the income tax-splitting scheme.

Writing in Jacobin magazine about the disheartening outcome of events in Greece, Tad Tietze concludes with a harsh judgment that should nevertheless serve as a cautionary tale for the Left in Canada as many of us lend our support by default to the NDP: "By rights, the Greek debacle should serve as an obituary for the idea that radical left politics seeking governmental power is a viable solution to the growing social contradictions in Europe. For all the excitement about 'the turn to politics' or 'the return of strategy,' Syriza is a blinding demonstration of the limits of a politics that has no social base, bringing forth a new breed of politician that educates voters not to expect too much in the way of social change ... but [who are] very keen to find a place within the state for themselves from which to preach this message."

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Date:Sep 1, 2015
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