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The Harbour: A City's Heart, A Country's Soul.

The Harbour: A City's Heart, A Country's Soul

Author: Scott Bevan

Publisher: Simon & Schuster Australia

630 pages

Price: AU$49.99

"Everyone knows Sydney Harbour. Or at least, we think we do."

So opens writer, journalist, broadcaster and playwright Scott Bevan's new tome The Harbour, a homage to the remarkable body of water that defines Sydney and holds many of its secrets.

This is the meditative journey of a deep thinker with journalistic training and historical acumen, who takes us from cove to cove by kayak, yacht and barge to explore the story of each landmark, meeting boat builders, skippers, fishermen, artists, divers, historians and environmentalists along the way.

The stunning hardback cover design, featuring the deep blues and splashes of white of Rockin ' Redleaf by Sydney artist Mark Hanham, is reason enough to give this volume pride of place. But with its extensive index, The Harbour is also a resource book for an ambitious array of characters and events, from the early colonists (the waterway's many thousands of years of Indigenous inhabitation are disappointingly sidestepped), to a vignette of Sean Langman at Noakes, to the challenges in the construction of the Gladesville Bridge, then the longest concrete arch bridge in the world.

A colourful, fascinating account, this is a must-read for history buffs and anybody who has been lucky enough to call the harbour home, workplace or playground.

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Publication:Offshore Yachting
Date:Feb 1, 2018
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