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The Hague cases after summer vacations.

The five court cases from the 2001 conflict that the Hague Tribunal returned to Macedonia are still not part of history. Following the summer vacations, at one of the sessions of the Constitutional Court, a debate over the authentic interpretation of the Amnesty Law will be opened, which closed these cases. After last year's decision of the MPs of the new parliamentary composition, two initiatives for the constitutionality of the amnesty were instigated. One was instigated by the families of the missing persons from 2001, and the second by a Veles resident, who declared himself as a member of VMRO-DPMNE. Even though there are two initiatives, the members of the Constitutional Court decided to debate about them at one session and reach an unanimous decision.

"The date of the session has still not been determined but a debate will surely be held following the summer vacations," said Jugoslav Milenkovik, spokesman of the Constitutional Court. He added that it is normal that such long time is waited to schedule a debate for these is-sues. (end) Arben Zeqiri
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Author:Zeqiri, Arben
Publication:Albanian Press in Macedonia
Date:Jul 4, 2012
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