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The Guide to Selling Advertising Space, 2nd Edition.

The Guide to Selling Advertising Space

Association executives who want to build a better bottom line for their organizations will find The Guide to Selling Advertising Space a valuable source. Written by Jack Bernstein, publisher of Selling Space Magazine, this second edition offers interviews with advertising agency professionals as well as the basic information needed to generate advertising pages in an association publication.

The 15 chapters provide practical advice on such topics as working with advertising agencies, developing a media kit, and using merchandising options - those little extras thrown in to sweeten the advertising deal. The book begins with the simple question, "What is advertising?" Then it explains advertising terms and practices through clear examples.

The book is not written with only consumer magazines in mind: A quick read of the early chapters will show an association executive that the author understands the role of association magazines, too.

The association executive might find a few items irrelevant. The discussion of whether a magazine's circulation should be paid or free is one example, since for most associations the magazine's circulation is the same as the membership - paid.

Most topics, however, apply to both association and consumer publications. The chapter on research, for example, offers valid questions an association executive might ask members to quantify their buying power.

Many associations cannot afford to hire a full-time, experienced advertising salesperson or spend the time and money to adequately train a staffer. This book comes very close to providing a training course in advertising sales and strategy.

Not only will seasoned advertising professionals discover insights into advertising agency policy and practices, but chief staff executives with overall responsibility for the bottom line will also find the book enlightening.

Judy Comeaux, CAE, is director of advertising for Association Management and related publications.
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Author:Comeaux, Judy
Publication:Association Management
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Date:Mar 1, 1991
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