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The Greenwood encyclopedia of American poets and poetry; 5v.


The Greenwood encyclopedia of American poets and poetry; 5v.

Ed. by Jeffrey Gray et al.

Greenwood Pr.


1842 pages




Claiming to be the largest reference work on American poetry ever assembled, this encyclopedia contains some 900 alphabetical entries temporally spanning from prior to the existence of the United States to the beginning of the 21st century. Gray (English, Seton Hall U.) and his collaborators include articles on well-know, lesser known, and emerging poets; key schools; movements; theories; practices; and poetic terms coined in America or specifically related to American poetic practice. In order to aid the location of information, they provide lists of the entries organized alphabetically, by poet-name, topically, and under the following sub-headings: American poetics; ethnic, cultural, and political influences; genres, movements, and school; poetry, art, and music; publications; religion and poetry; and the study and promotion of poetry. Each entry provides a brief guide to further reading and, at the end of the final volume, a non- annotated bibliography guides the reader towards other works, including poetry anthologies, anthologies of essays by poets on poetry, critical studies, reference works, and websites.

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Date:May 1, 2006
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