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The Greenwood Encyclopedia of Multiethnic American Literature, vol. 5.


The Greenwood encyclopedia of multiethnic American literature; 5v.

Ed. by Emmanuel S. Nelson.

Greenwood Pr.


2483 pages




Presenting a new angle on American literature (given that all Americans have an ethnicity), this encyclopedia presents biographies and thematic entries on American writers selected because of their ethnicity, regardless of whether their writing reflects their ethnic heritage. The largest number of entries are for African American literature. Among the other categories are Arab American, Armenian American, Caribbean American (Anglophone), Chinese American, Irish American, Jewish American, Native American, and Norwegian American. Within each of the categories are entries for that group's literature, novels, literary stereotypes, gay literature, poetry, autobiography, and drama, among other topics, as these apply. In addition, twenty entries are on general topics, including anti- Semitism, assimilation, canon, diaspora, Eurocentrism, identity, and whiteness, making this an excellent resource for the myriad issues relating to race and ethnicity in the U.S. as these are reflected in American literature. The entries on writers name their ethnicity, primary forms of writing, and occupation(s), and conclude with a list of further reading. The entries are cross-referenced. The entries are written to be accessible to high school and undergraduate students and the general reader.

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