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The Green of Oxygen.

Our galaxy, like many others, is a beautiful spiral, entrusted with gemlike star-forming regions that glow with the red of hydrogen or the green of oxygen spewed out from many dying stars.

--The View from the Center of the Universe, Joel R. Primack and Nancy Ellen Abrams

 "It was silver," she said, "liquid, coiling
through the trees."
        "What about the green?" I asked, "Oaks,
       sycamores, horse chestnut, poplar?"
But I never heard her voice again, itself a tuning fork, itself silver
and sounding "A."
My mother, who planted the barely alive rosebush, lived etched by palm
fronds from the old date trees, under which the Diamond Dog ran. Her
silences I have inherited, along with invisible emeralds, the green of
oxygen and my own voice,
                           a spiraling galaxy. 
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Author:Wakoski, Diane
Publication:Prairie Schooner
Article Type:Poem
Date:Dec 22, 2008
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