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The Great Pig Escape.

By Linda Moller

The Great Pig Escape is a children's fiction book published in Dublin, Ireland. The author, Linda Moller, is a member of Friends of the Earth and a former hill farmer in Wales. According to her biography, she believes that a greener and better world is a realistic goal, enhancing the lives of both animals and humans.

In this book, 13 pigs escape from a farm just moments before they are to be taken away to a slaughterhouse. Readers follow the pigs as they run away and experience freedom in the wild. It is a frightening and challenging experience for the pigs.

This story has an animal welfare slant rather than a true animal rights slant. (I don't want to spoil the story by saying too much.) Nevertheless, this book is an exciting read for children between the ages eight and ten and worth looking for in your local library.

The Great Pig Escape (ISBN 0-86278667-3) is published by The O'Brien Press in Dublin, Ireland. To order this book in the US, contact Independent Publishers' Group in Chicago, Illinois, at (800) 888-4741. The book is 143 pages and retails for $7.95. Reviewed by Debra Wasserman.
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Author:Wasserman, Debra
Publication:Vegetarian Journal
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Date:Mar 1, 2002
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