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The Great Indian Small Business Festival - an initiative of

Maharashtra, Feb. 4 -- The Great Indian Small Business Festival is an online festival that no small business entrepreneur should miss. The festival is all about unveiling the fabulous products available in the market for small businesses in India. Theme for the month of February is "The Power of Technology" which will go on from 1st February 2014 to 28th February 2014. It will give entrepreneurs from the capitalist world a chance to find new technology based products and services that they have been looking for or never even knew existed. The Great Indian Small Business Festival is an SME JoinUp initiative.

Who Should Attend the Festival:

All business entrepreneurs are invited for The Great Indian Small Business Festival. If you are a person looking at starting a business you should be at the festival. If you are a business owner who is looking for some tech products or services you should be at the festival. If you are a business owner whose company uses tech products and services you should be at the festival. Actually, if you are a business owner you should be at the event. Period! You never know what you may find here. All you have to do is visit between 1st February and 28th February. Shopping for products and services can't get simpler than this.

Cost of Attending the Festival:

Well, here is the best part about The Great Indian Small Business Festival: It is absolutely free to attend. All you have to do is type in the address bar of your browser. No admission costs, no travelling costs, no staying costs and no hidden costs. All you have to pay for is what you purchase and that too at a SPECIAL price.

Advantages of Attending the February Festival , theme being "The Power of Technology"

The benefits an entrepreneur can reap from The Great Indian Small Business Festival are enormous but the direct advantages we bring to you are:

Niche Festival: At this festival all products and services offered will only be technology based. SME JOINUP has shortlisted the selling companies based on whether what they are offering is tech based or not.

Range of Products: At this festival you can expect to see the most sophisticated to the wackiest tech-products you may have ever seen. There is a great chance that you may just find something that could improve the efficiency of your company by 2 folds or reduce the workload of your employees by 20%-30%.

Discounted Prices: This festival just gets better and better. All products and services at this festival will be offered at prices never seen or heard of before.

And above all of this, like we mentioned earlier, this is an online festival and the admission to it is completely free of cost.

For any query on the festival email on or call on +91-8378977112

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Date:Feb 4, 2014
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