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WHAT a start to the New Year, BBC handing down the rights to Formula One racing to Channel 4 TV.

United States media giant Comcast 'has its eyes on ITV for an PS11 billion bid.' British Gas shareholders have the final vote to be taken over by Dutch Shell and if that takeover is agreed, British Gas shares will be de-listed.

It's reported that Home Secretary Theresa May has plans to allow Police & Crime Commissioners to set budgets for the fire services.

Is that the first sign that firemen and women will become fully trained paramedics - another import from America? So can we expect a fire engine to arrive if we are taken ill and in need of help? There is talk that the BBC may lose Wimbledon next. They have already lost the rights to the Oxford-Cambridge boat race and I would suspect sooner or later we will lose snooker to the Chinese.

It does beg the question as to what this country will have left? The Chinese are forging their way into this country with massive investments and the Russians are buying up the most desirable properties in London.

And, of course, we must not forget the immigrants. Mike Butler, Wylde Green It does beg the question as to what this country will have left? Mike Butler

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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
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Date:Jan 6, 2016
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