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The Gospel Of Thomas.

The Gospel Of Thomas

Elaine Pagels

Sounds True

Post Office Box 8010, Boulder, CO 80306

1591794129 $19.95

The audio-book edition of The Gospel Of Thomas: New Perspectives On Jesus' Message as written and read by Elaine Pagels (Professor of Religion, Princeton University, New Jersey) offers an informed and informative perspective with respect to the attributes and teachings of Jesus Christ as presented through the interpretive ideals of Apostle Thomas as revealed in his apocryphal gospel. Deftly covering a vast array of theological inquiries and historical scholarship relevant to the its original rejection from the approved canon of scriptures that were to become the New Testament, The Gospel Of Thomas offers readers an insightful grasp of Thomas' writings including his concept of "the light within us all", the influence of Eastern thought in the teachings of Jesus, who Mary Magdalene was in the Gospel attributed to the apostle Thomas, the gnostic scriptures interpretation, and perspectives into some of the most puzzling Christian koans from both the canonical and gnostic texts. This flawlessly recorded 2 CD audiobook edition of The Gospel Of Thomas includes an 18-page study guide, has a running time of 1 2/4 hours, and is very strongly recommended for anyone with an interest in gnostic literature in general, and the Gospel of Thomas in particular.
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Date:Jul 1, 2006
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