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The Good Thief.

The Good Thief (Twentieth Century Fox, 2002). Cary Grant actually was a good thief in Hitchcock's 1955 thriller, To Catch a Thief, about an ex-cat burglar who helps the cops catch his successor.

But in Neal Jordan's romantic tale of an aging (and unlucky) gambler who does one last heist, Bob (Nick Nolte) is more of a "nice" thief who hopes to pay his debts and help a few friends.

Even the police inspector finds himself cheering for his charming criminal friend, and the audience can't help hoping lovable Bob won't be betrayed by one of his more questionable colleagues.

Nolte is fun to watch. Still, wouldn't it be easier for Bob to just quit gambling? * * *
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Date:May 1, 2005
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