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The Global Health Sciences Fund announces financial results.

DENVER--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 25, 1996--The Global Health Sciences Fund (NYSE: GHS) (the "Fund") announced earnings for the Fund's fiscal year period ending Oct. 31, 1996.

During that period, the net asset value of the Fund increased 20.04 percent, and the share price increased 15.25 percent. Of course, past performance is no guarantee of future results.

The board of trustees of The Global Health Sciences Fund has approved a capital gains distribution equal to $4.4727 per share. The record date for the distribution will be Tuesday, Dec. 3, 1996, with the payable date of Monday, Dec. 23, 1996. The distribution automatically will be paid to all shareholders in additional GHS shares unless otherwise instructed by the shareholder. Shareholders will be issued new shares at a price equal to the lower of the Fund's net asset value or the closing stock price, as determined on the New York Stock Exchange, on the payable date. All fractional shares resulting from the distribution will be settled in cash. Shareholders may request to be paid in cash instead of by shares by contacting the broker, bank or nominee that holds their shares in "street name" or by filling out an authorization card for the disbursing agent (Boston EquiServe, LP, 150 Royall St., Mail Stop 45-02-62, Canton, Mass. 02021; 1-800/426-5522). The notification for the election of cash instead of stock must be given prior to Thursday, Dec. 12, 1996.

Hubert L. Harris Jr., president of the Fund, stated: "The upcoming capital gains distribution represents an important milestone for the Fund and its shareholders. Shareholders will receive a distribution from the Fund's net asset value that will partially offset the Fund's current discount. Additionally, a capital gains distribution in the form of GHS shares will allow the long-term shareholder to receive new shares in the Fund without the transaction costs inherent in most dividend reinvestment programs." -0-

 On Oct. 31

 1996 1995

Net Assets $455,842,291 $379,503,064
Shares Outstanding 20,507,200 20,507,200
Net Asset Value ("NAV") Per Share $ 22.22 $ 18.51
Market Price $ 17.00 $ 14.75
Discount to NAV 23.49% 20.31%

 For the Quarter Ended Oct. 31

Net Investment Loss $ (106,950) $ (1,195,314)
Per Share $ (0.01) $ (0.06)
Net Realized and Unrealized Gain $ 25,481,864 $ 43,037,615
Per Share $ 1.24 $ 2.10

 For the 12 Months Ended Oct. 31

Net Investment Loss $ (1,982,188) $ (2,188,534)
Per Share $ (0.10) $ (0.11)
Net Realized and Unrealized Gain $ 97,041,210 $127,857,290
Per Share $ 4.73 $ 6.24


Description Percent of Net Assets

Warner-Lambert Co. 3.6%
American Home Products 3.5
Pfizer Inc. 3.4
HBO & Co. 3.2
Waters Corp. 3.1
Merck & Co. 3.1
Lilly (Eli) & Co. 2.9
Medtronic Inc. 2.8
Bristol-Myers Squibb 2.8
SmithKline Beecham PLC ADR 2.6
Total 31.0%


 % of Total Investment
Asset Class Securities at Value

 Biotechnology 14.1%
 Health Care Delivery 15.4
 Medical Devices & Supplies 29.1
 Pharmaceuticals 29.9
Total Equity 88.5%
Fixed Income Securities 0.6
Short-Term Securities 10.9
Total Investments 100.0%

The Global Health Sciences Fund is a diversified closed-end management company managed by INVESCO Trust Co. Its investment objective is to seek capital appreciation by investing substantially all of its assets in equity and related securities of U.S. and foreign companies presently engaged in the development, production and distribution of products and services related to the health sciences industry. Since inception (1/92), the Fund's NAV has ranged from a high of $25.17 to a low of $10.57. The stock price has ranged from a high of 19-5/8 to a low of 9-3/8. The discount has been as wide as 25.40 percent and with a premium as high as 1.5 percent. The shares of Global Health Sciences can be purchased by contacting your local broker or investment advisor. For more information, please feel free to contact INVESCO at 1-800/528-6521.

CONTACT: The Global Health Sciences Fund, Denver

Buck Phillips, 303/930-6521
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Nov 25, 1996
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