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The Gingers snap back.

Scotland has more ginger quiffs than anywhere else in the world, yet they get such a raw deal.

But Motherwell boss Alex McLeish reckons that's about to change.

He says: "I'm ginger and I'm proud -we will take over the world some day.

"I am quick-tempered -it's something in our genes. But we are also more outgoing and confident."

He adds: "I would like to go on holiday and come back a bronzed god, but there's not much chance of that. I don't let it get me down."

Coventry City ace Gordon Strachan says carrot-tops have more fun - and there have less chance of becoming a shrivelled up slap-head.

He explains: "Redheads seem to keep their hair and youthful looks. Maybe it's something to do with not being able to take the sun. But I wouldn't say I was fiery - my wife says I'm so placid it's not true."

Record psychologist Ian Stephen says: "All the jibes about being a carrot top and ginger nut makes redheads strong characters, more assertive and confident."

Our star gazer Lynne Ewart says most redheads are born under the fire signs, Sagittarius, Aries and Leo, making them more short-tempered.

She adds: "They all have a fiery disposition, but this means they are more straight up - they tell it like it is.

"Fergie and Chris Evans are typical redheads. They say what they feel and don't give a damn what others say about them."
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Aug 9, 1996
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