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The Ghana Registered Midwives Association (GRMA) is holding its Golden Jubilee this year to celebrate the Association's creation in 1953 and its successful and ongoing career to 2003.

The Ghana Registered Midwives Association (GRMA) is holding its Golden Jubilee this year to celebrate the Association's creation in 1953 and its successful and ongoing career to 2003. Kathlyn Ababio, President of GRMA, and ICM Regional Representative, describes a full programme of activities designed to raise the profile of midwives and their work for safe motherhood.

Officially recognised as a professional and non-profit organisation in 1953, GRMA's current membership is over 500. Its vision is to ensure accessibility of total reproductive care and child survival services to all, through community participation, in collaboration with all partners in the health delivery, system.

The theme for the Golden Jubilee celebration is 'Safe birth: the right of every woman--the midwife's concern'. Specific objectives which are to be targeted during the Jubilee year include:

* Reducing infant and maternal mortality and morbidity

* Educating women and the wider community on the woman's right to safe delivery

* Educating young adults about safe motherhood and reproductive health

* Increasing the use of maternity homes throughout Ghana

* Intensifying awareness about HIV/AIDS amongst Ghanaians

* Launching a Golden Jubilee fund towards the building of a Safe Motherhood Training Complex on the premises of the Midwives House, Cantonments, Accra.

The year so far has already seen wide ranging activities aimed to create awareness and raise funds around midwifery activities. The campaign has included outreach and financial help to needy families, liaison with churches and mosques, a seminar advocating for paternity leave, work with young adults and children in schools and ongoing media coverage. The climax of the celebrations will be a reception held in Accra in October, with a dinner and keynote addresses on the theme of the celebrations.

GRMA is also pleased to report that the Ghanaian Government has placed safe motherhood high on the agenda, and will support national awareness-raising activities in September each year.
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