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The Genocide in Darfur.

When the Arab men in military uniforms [known as the janjaweed] caught Noura Moussa, 22, and raped her, they took the trouble to explain themselves. "We cannot let black people live in this land," they said. Moussa is one of thousands of women and girls who have been assaulted in Darfur as part of what appears to be a deliberate Sudanese government policy to break the spirit of several. African tribes. This is the first genocide of the 21st century, and we are letting them get away with it. It is our acquiescence that arrows the rapes and murders to continue. We must convey outrage and demonstrate, loudly and insistently, that Darfur is an American priority. There is no shame in being raped, but plenty of stigma should be attached to those who ignore crimes against humanity.--Nicholas D. Kristof [11/22/05]
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Author:Kristof, Nicholas D.
Publication:New York Times Upfront
Article Type:Brief Article
Geographic Code:6SUDA
Date:Jan 9, 2006
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