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The Genius of American-born Israeli Choreographer Barak Marshall.

If the shtetl characters in a Chagall painting jumped into a time-machine and transported themselves to a Jerusalem shuk, they would fit perfectly into Monger by the brilliant Israeli choreographer Barak Marshall. "Dance in Israel often reflects the cultural interest to shy away from history and only reflect the nature of the 'New Jew'," Marshall told me. "I reject this completelyI mine the richness of my Jewish culture in my work, embrace its complexity, and hide nothing."

With a mop of wild curly black hair, Marshall has a warm, mad-scientist demeanor. He is dance royalty, the son of Margalit Oved, Israel's Yemenite prima ballerina of the historic Inbal Dance Theater. She moved to Los Angeles in 1967 and started a family after meeting Marshall's Bronx-born father Melvin. Soon she founded her own dance company, Margalit Oved Dance Theatre, and was on the dance faculty at UCLA.

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Author:Kussell, Stacey Menchel
Publication:Tablet Magazine
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Date:Nov 14, 2017
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