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The Gazette and the 1952 revolution (253) The revolution and pacts (84) 'Sacred blood and defiled blood'.

Summary: A Stern Gang pamphlet found in Hadar Hacarrnel, Haifa, on May 7, 1947, illustrates the fanaticism and intellectual confusion of Jewish extremists. It reads:

"Innocent blood will not be shed, but the blood of rioters, pogrom-heroes and murderers will be shed, for it is defiled. And so is the blood of each Briton, ruling beyond the frontiers of his country.

By Sami El-Shahed - The Egyptian Gazette The British blood-sucker, to be a soldier, a constable, a clerk, so long as he obeys orders to exploit and murder, he is indicted. He is here to guard the imperialist rule and prevent the rescue of the Jews. For this his blood will be shed.

"It is unavoidable that in this war innocent blood will be shed as well, but there has never been a war or revolution 'with all comforts,' without privations, without destruction, without bloodshed. Let those among us who are afraid of bloodshed and destruction say openly that they surrender to a New Munich, to each White Paper, which leads to a ghetto and ultimately to new gas-chambers a la Auschwitz.

"They sit in their homes waiting for the day of the great slaughter which Bevin and his partner Kaukji are preparing for us, waiting for Jewish youth to be mobilised by the Anglo-Saxons in their war against the Soviet Union. They cry over defiled British blood, but remain silent over the blood of innocent refugees. The blood of the strong one must be protected; the blood of the weak one may be shed. Why don't they try to force the British to stop bloodshed, why do they force us?

"Jewish blood is sacred and pure. The blood of Britons suppressing foreign countries is defiled. Therefore, it will be shed to prevent innocent blood from being shed."

Throughout 1947, Jewish terrorists left a mark everywhere, every day. There were even days that witnessed several attacks occurring simultaneously or in quick succession. March 1, 1947 was particularly exceptional being the day with the biggest number of outrages. It witnessed 15 incidents of varying scales and consequences:

(1) At approximately 3.20pm on March1, 1947, truck No. M740R drove into King George Avenue, Jerusalem, from Keran Kayemeth Street through the barbed wire surrounding Goldsmith House Officers Club in King George Avenue. One person dismounted and placed a package in the building. At the same time, automatic fire was opened upon the sentries at Goldsmith House from the vicinity of the houses adjacent to the Synagogue in King George Avenue. The sentries replied.

A small explosion occurred at this time at the rear of the East side of Goldsmith House which set a tent on fire. During exchange of shots, a number of persons dressed in Khaki as British OR's jumped from the truck and ran away.

A heavy explosion then occurred causing extensive damage to Goldsmith House. Shortly before the explosion, a police vehicle proceeding along King George Avenue in the direction of Goldsmith House, was caught in cross-fire.

Beynon, British Clerical Officer of Police HQ, was killed and Inspector Price, British Constable Church and Cleary, British Clerical Officer of Police HQ, were wounded.

Casualties as known at present are twelve dead, including Jewish female Telephone Operator, fifteen injured. At least three more bodies are believed to be under the rubble.

(2) At about 1830 on the following day, March 1, a party of Jews attacked the RN car park near Kingsway, Haifa, and destroyed seven trucks by placing explosive incendiaries in the driving cabs of five of them.

The Jewish guards were held up at pistol point, while the charges were being placed, but it is thought that the Jews made their getaway some time before the explosion, trusting to the natural fear in which the local population holds them, not to give the alarm before the fires began.

(3) At 1845 six armed Jews held up TAC guard on naval car park in Haifa. Explosives were laid and fourteen vehicles were damaged by three explosions. No (repeat no) casualties. At 1900 hours a WD truck was damaged by a land mine at Kiriat Haim on the Haifa-Acre Road. One British soldier was slightly injured. At 20.00 hours a land mine disguised as a kilo stone was detonated in Haifa as a military jeep was passing. Two NC0s were killed and two were injured.

(4) At 20.00 hours a mortar shell was fired at a military camp at Hadera. No (repeat no) casualties. At 1847 hours near Khirbet Beit Lid a road mine exploded as two military vehicles were passing. Two British soldiers were injured. At 1910 hours eight mortar shells were fired into a military camp near Khirbet Beit Lid, One British soldier was killed and three were injured.

(5) At 1900 hours armoured car blown up near Nathanya cross roads. 1 Armoured car badly damaged. Responsibility of Irgun Z'Vai Leumi.

(6) At 1945 hours a land mine was detonated on the Haifa- Jaffa Road near Petah Tikva. No casualties or damage. At 2000 hours two bombs were thrown at Rehovoth Police Stations. At 2035 hours a WD vehicle was blown up on the main road between Rehovoth and Rishon Lezion. One British Officer and two British other ranks were slightly injured.

(7) At 2315 hours an army vehicle was blown up by a land mine on the Haifa-Jaffa road. One British NCO and one British soldier were killed. At 2345 hours a military vehicle was blown up by a land mine on the Rehovoth-Gaza Road.

(8) At about 2000 hours, on March 1, an Airborne Provost jeep was blown up by an electrically detonated shrapnel on the Mountain Road, Haifa. Three of the occupants were killed, or died of their wounds, and the fourth was seriously injured.

(9) At 2000 hours Water pumping station (Ras El Ain 143 168) fired on. Responsibility of Irgun Z'Vai Leumi.

(10) At 2005 hours Camp 80 (Hadera 142204) attacked. One mortar bomb fired but did not hit camp. No damage or theft. Responsibility of Irgun Z'Vai Leumi.

(11) At 2010 hours Mine exploded in front of 3 vehicles at Petah Tiqva (1401 1655). Slight damage. Responsibility of Irgun Z'Vai Leumi.

(12) At 2130 hours WD 3 tonner (from Mesa) blown up on mine at Qiriyat Motskin (1 57248). 1 soldier injured. Responsibility of Irgun Z'Vai Leumi.

(13) At 2135 hours Half track vehicle of 2 KRRC blown up on mine on Rishon Rehovoth Road. Vehicle destroyed. 1 Officer and 2 soldiers slightly injured. Responsibility of Irgun Z'Vai Leumi.

(14) At 2145 hours explosion at rear of Rehovoth Police Station. No casualty. Responsibility of Irgun Z'Vai Leumi.

(15) Jerusalem. Goldsmith Officers Club blown up. One side of building demobilised. 2 Officers, I British Soldier, 1 Police Officer and 9 Naafi Civilians killed. 6 Officers, 2 British Soldiers, 2 Police Constables and 6 Naafi civilians wounded.

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Publication:The Egyptian Gazette (Cairo, Egypt)
Date:Jun 8, 2012
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