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Articles from The Futurist (March 1, 2012)

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A competition for enterprise: a controversial serial entrepreneur is aiming for the final frontier. Tucker, Patrick 702
A future of fewer words? Five trends shaping the future of language: Natural selection is as much a phenomenon in human language as it is in natural ecosystems. An ongoing "survival of the fittest" may lead to continuing expansion of image-based communications and the extinction of more than half the world's languages by this century's end. Baines, Lawrence 3507
A World Wide Mind: the coming collective telempathy: the Internet plus humanity equals hyperorganism, a merger of man and machine that may result in global mindfulness. Chorost, Michael 3657
Atlas of European values. Brief article 271
Because the future matters ... Mack, Tim 729
Big tobacco's future: up in smoke? Brief article 101
Can food supply meet doubled demand? 182
Cars that generate power. Brief article 127
Childhood cancer survivors' children. Brief article 122
Criminal Justice and Criminal Redemption. Docksai, Rick Book review 322
Dealing with "warning fatigue". Brief article 150
Doomsday for the arts? 403
Eating for a Water-Secure World. Docksai, Rick Book review 304
End-of-life indecision. Brief article 208
From the three Rs to the four Cs radically redesigning k-12 education. Crossman, William 3316
Growing pains ahead for China and India: demographic change will challenge the world's two most populous countries. Docksai, Rick 979
Hard at work in the jobless future: jobs are disappearing, but there's still a future for work. An investment manager looks at how automation and information technology are changing the economic landscape and forcing workers to forge new career paths beyond outdated ideas about permanent employment. Lee, James H. 2821
More Technology, More Problems? Docksai, Rick Book review 293
Nuclear power's unsettled future: a year after the Fukushima Daiichi disaster in Japan, prospects for the nuclear power industry worldwide are far from certain. An energy policy scholar assesses the key economic, environmental, political, and psychological hinges on which nuclear power's future now swings. Zehner, Ozzie 2944
Partnership for a freer world: an alliance of established democracies helps newly emerging democracies take wing. Docksai, Rick 843
Religious awakening in China. Brief article 220
Renewing Prospects for American Prosperity. Docksai, Rick Book review 919
Rethinking "return on investment" what we really need to invest in: innovation means more than inventing new products for the world's growing populations to consume. Innovation also means solving the problems created by consumption. By investing in sustainable innovation and creativity now, we will enhance our future returns. Mack, Timothy C. 3515
Solving renewables' storage problems: BrightSource energy shows that storage can make solar power more viable. Tawney, Letha 544
The road ahead for gasoline-free cars: in a few years, one out of every two cars on the road could be a hybrid or electric. Motavalli, Jim 1156
Thriving in the automated economy: two management experts show why labor's race against automation will only be won if we partner with our machines. They advise government regulators not to stand in the way of human--machine innovation. Brynjolfsson, Erik; McAfee, Andrew 3557
Time Travel Ahead? Docksai, Rick Book review 124
Toward better space-weather forecasts: scientists hope to help avert devastating impacts of solar outbursts. Wagner, Cynthia G. 327
WordBuzz: Mistweetment. Brief article 136

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