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Articles from The Futurist (July 1, 2012)

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A Future-Driven Life Adventure: From troubled youth to pioneering futures scholar, acclaimed futurist Wendell Bell takes readers through his life's highs and lows in this candid new memoir. Docksai, Rick Book review 987
Alternatives to Alternative Energy. Docksai, Rick Book review 304
Are rich countries more future oriented? Brief article 198
Biofuels miss the mark--so far: meeting U.S. goals for biofuels will require new land-use and incentive policies. Moore, Kenneth J. 808
Blocking bodyhackers. Brief article 105
Building and connecting communities for the future: the economic development profession can be a positive force for change in communities as we transition from a materialistic economy to a transformational society. 2722
Bullets that change direction on the fly. Brief article 113
Cancer patients choose "hopeful gambles". 128
Change Masters: Weiner, Edrich, Brown, Inc. Pioneering business futurists explain how they have developed the art and science of trend analysis. Cornish, Edward 1031
Connected: a future that's better than we think? Wagner, Cynthia G. 350
Defusing the Megacity "Bomb". Docksai, Rick Book review 320
Doing Right By Robots. Book review 319
From smart house to networked home: two foresight specialists describe how tomorrow's integrated, networked, and aware home systems may change your family life. Carbone, Chris; Nauth, Kristin 2916
Harvesting vehicles' waste heat: an innovative car-exhaust mechanism could raise cars' energy efficiency by 20%. Docksai, Rick 768
Howard F. Didsbury Jr. (1924-2012). In memoriam 297
Integrated and innovative: the future of regions. Eger, John M. 1275
Knowledge of Evolution Is Power. Book review 312
Licorice root may combat diabetes. Brief article 111
Mika Mannermaa (1957-2012). In memoriam 152
More Americans with degrees. Brief article 133
No relief from urban noise. Brief article 133
Preview of future inventions--Futurists: BetaLaunch 2012: the world future society's second annual innovation competition will allow WorldFuture 2012 attendees to preview a few of the life-changing and society-altering artifacts of the future. Moore, Kenneth J. 822
Progress against E-Waste. 126
Revolutionary health local solutions for global health problems: better health care doesn't have to be costlier, as a number of innovative health practitioners are showing. In India, Venezuela, and elsewhere, the strategic use of technology, community involvement, and resource reallocations are enabling health-care providers to treat more patients more effectively, all while spending less money. Docksai, Rick 3786
Rushworth M. Kidder (1944-2012). In memoriam 201
Sensing brain injuries: smarter helmets could lead to rapid detection of concussions. Tucker, Patrick 405
Shakeups in the "C Suite": hail to the new chiefs: how technology is altering corporate jobs and creating new community relationships. Colon, Geoffrey 852
The abundance builders: progress occurs when inventive people solve problems and create opportunities. Here are just a few of the breakthroughs that offer the brightest prospects for a future that leaves austerity an deprivation behind. Diamandis, Peter H.; Kotler, Steven 2946
The individual in a networked world: two scenarios: collaborative agent bots? A walled world under constant surveillance? Two information technology experts parse the future of human--network interaction. Rainie, Lee; Wellman, Barry 2753
The Leaders Who Make The Future. Docksai, Rick Book review 273
The second American Century. Bisk, Tsvi Brief article 117
The secret life of date in the year 2020: a futurist for Intel shows ho geotags, sensor outputs, and big date are changing the future. He argue that we need a better understanding of our relationship with the date we produce in order to build the future we want. Johnson, Brian David 2800
Trend analysis in action. Weiner, Edie 422
Waterways to connect communities: a program to develop rivers and lakes will promote local stewardship and tourism. Wagner, Cynthia G. 365
Whose Economy Is It, Anyway? Book review 335
WordBuzz: Upcycling. 123
WordldFuture 2012: Dream. Design. Develop. Deliver. Conference news 1505

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