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Articles from The Futurist (July 1, 2011)

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3-D movies go mobile. Brief article 106
A chemical mission to Mars: methane lures astrobiologists to look below the Martian surface. Docksai, Rick 1500
A Former Oil Advisor Talks Climate Change. Docksai, Rick Book review 311
A Playful Utopia. Cohen, Aaron M. Conference news 365
A Post-Western Global Economy? Docksai, Rick Book review 326
Cautions about Techno-Faith: No technological innovation can substitute for human critical thinking, argue two engineering and science professors. Docksai, Rick Book review 736
Connectivity and Its Discontent: Once a cheerleader for new electronic technologies, an MIT professor now worries about their long-term effects. Cornish, Edward 626
Crisis modeling. Docksai, Rick Book review 424
Dealing with data. Wagner, Cynthia G. 385
Debating Geoengineering. Docksai, Rick Book review 319
Delphi 2.0: wild cards and weak signals. Cohen, Aaron M. Brief article 278
Detecting callers' stress levels. Brief article 118
Eroding futures why healthy soil matters to civilization: the earth beneath our feet is the Earth's infrastructure for the resources that sustain our civilizations-and our futures. A leading agricultural policy expert shows what we must do to save the soil. Brown, Lester R. 5002
Four scenarios for co-working: sharing workspace offers potential benefits in an uncertain economy. M. Cohen, Aaron 924
From album to app. Brief article 166
Gaming for better decision making: overconfidence can lead to poor decisions, as gamblers should know. Tucker, Patrick 444
Mapping New Zealand's long-term future. Cohen, Aaron M. 411
My first meltdown: lessons from Fukushima: Japan's nuclear disaster carries a number of important lessons, such as how and when to deploy a worst-case scenario. While working in Kyoto, the futurist's senior editor observed Japan's nightmare and the costs of poor communication during a crisis. Tucker, Patrick 1447
Our naked data: the ease of communicating on modern networks has meant a rise in data vulnerability. A security specialist outlines the steps that the IT industry should take to protect consumers from data attacks--and itself from reactionary regulators. Saito, William H. 2194
Purification at the Nano scale: a Japanese water-filtration system could help quench the world's growing thirst. Tucker, Patrick 593
Science fiction futures: aliens and robots need not apply: on a recent afternoon on Twitter, we pondered some of the stereotypes about how the future is depicted in science fiction books and movies. 1026
Technology's role in revolution Internet Freedom and political oppression: revolutions depend on people, not on social media, and the Internet both promotes democracy and thwarts it, says a foreign-policy scholar. Cyber-utopians be warned: Authoritarian regimes are adapting to the Internet age. Morozov, Evgeny 2531
The case against cash: alternatives to cash would not only reduce violent crime, but also deter underground economic activity that goes untaxed. An advocate for a cash-free economy asks why the U.S. government Isn't promoting it. Warwick, David R. 1364
The Dollar Isn't What It Used to Be. Docksai, Rick Book review 317
The emerging digital lifestyle: from social networking to location-based mobile applications, our digital devices are increasingly shaping our lives. A business futurist examines what this will mean for organizations and individuals in the coming decade, highlighting some of the key "beads" on the "data abacus.". Orange, Erica 2499
The Roots of Economic Recession. Docksai, Rick Book review 314
Towns That Take Care Of Themselves. Docksai, Rick Book review 317
Treading in the sea of data: information: our world is swimming in it. With each passing day, our lives become more dependent on it. Yet, the very magnitude of this torrent of data compromises its benefits to us. New strategies and technologies are now evolving that may save us from drowning--and even help us thrive. Yonck Richard 3477
Tweeting the Futurist. Letter to the editor 137
Visionary forecasting with Graham T. T. Molitor: one futurist ventures where few other forecasters dare to go, offering forecasts for the next thousand years and explaining how he does it. Cornish, Edward 979

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