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Articles from The Futurist (January 1, 2010)

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2020 visionaries: in a series of essays by some of today's brightest future thinkers, the futurist will showcase new ideas on the key issues of the next decade. Tucker, Patrick 438
A search engine that listens: breakthrough in computer speech-recognition. Tucker, Patrick Brief article 311
Arctic species at the cliff's edge: new paper models changes for Arctic species due to climate change. Tucker, Patrick 894
Can Antarctica Survive? Book review 156
Can happiness be acquired? Brief article 130
Career--and Life--Hunting. Brief article 166
Collecting Wisdom About the Future. Docksai, Rick Book review 784
Deciding our futures: futuristic offer a toolbox for improving decision making. Brief article 174
Decision making under pressure: from emergency rooms to space missions, many decision-making situations allow no room for error. An ER physician reflects on what went wrong as flight managers assessed the potential damage on the space shuttle Columbia. Shapiro, Stan 1470
Decision modeling: a systematic approach to evaluating key factors in the choices we make. Report 1497
Developing "middle skills". Brief article 154
Fate of the galaxy: for Milky Way, past is prologue. Docksai, Rick Brief article 223
Foresight conquers fear of the future: today's youth are growing up in the midst of radical social and economics transformations. Now is the time to develop the most critical skill for effectively managing their careers and personal lives: foresight. Cornish, Edward 1274
Futurism, Kid-Style. Brief article 214
How to feed 8 billion people: record grain shortages are threatening global food security in the immediate future. A noted environmental analyst shows how nations can better manage their limited resources. Brown, Lester R. 3722
Institutional members: a complete list of the world future society's member organizations. List 749
Kids need more places to play. Brief article 183
Literary learning in the hyperdigital age: Emory University professor Mark Bauerlein is fighting to preserve literary thought in an age of digital distraction. Bauerlein, Mark 1006
Long-term impacts of bad shoes. Brief article 118
Making Education More Effective. Book review 145
Managing your mind: a top investment strategist points out three decision-making danger zones. Mauboussin, Michael J. 906
More women needed for STEM-based jobs. Morgan, Sara Letter to the editor 166
Murderous economics: nations that skimp on social welfare may pay the price in higher crime. Docksai, Rick 506
Networked learning: study groups go global, virtually. Docksai, Rick 346
New Leadership Skills. Brief article 145
On a Life of Community Building. Book review 248
Plagiarists beware: musical detection software. Brief article 135
Pollution without borders. Brief article 114
Reinventing the music business: will artists and fans even need record companies in the future? Cohen, Aaron M. 941
Reinventing the pharmaceutical industry, without the industry: the founder of the Pink Army Cooperative is bringing the open-source development model to breast cancer therapies. Hessel, Andrew 1164
Remaking education for a new century: communications scholar Janna Anderson is charting a new path for education outside of the classroom. Interview 1462
Retirement crisis for Hispanic Americans: a tougher road is foreseen for already marginalized minority populations. Brief article 162
Robust decision making: coping with uncertainty: predicting the future and then acting on our predictions leaves us vulnerable to surprises. So we need decisions that will work in a variety of potential situations. Lempert, Robert J.; Popper, Steven W.; Bankes, Steven C. Report 1477
Saving a tribal language: cultural knowledge may disappear with dwindling native populations. 324
Smarter trash: bringing garbage cans into the 21st century. Brief article 207
Space-Based Energy Solutions. Brief article 175
Stewart Brand's Environmental Heresies: A maverick environmentalist advocates saving the planet via nuclear power, mass urbanization, genetically engineered food, and geoengineering. Cohen, Aaron M. Book review 796
Sustainable sources of biofuels. 114
Tech support for homeless. 135
The 2003 shuttle disaster. Brief article 120
The connection between newspapers and GPS systems. French, Robert L. Letter to the editor 385
The Dymaxion dream reincarnate: Volkswagen showcases the "purposeful aesthetics" of earth-friendly design. Wagner, Cynthia G. 425
The future of nanomedicine: the founder of the Nanofactory Collaboration is innovating medicine molecule by molecule. Freitas, Robert A., Jr. 977
The post-scarcity world of 2050-2075: the world economy will experience scarcities of natural resources from now until the middle of the twenty-first century, when a post-scarcity world becomes a reality, according to an international team of futurists. Aguilar-Millan, Stephen; Feeney, Ann; Oberg, Amy; Rudd, Elizabeth 4786
The pursuit of better decisions. Brief article 166
The science of "tipping points": researchers look for warning signals of major shifts. Tucker, Patrick 683
Two problems with cybersecurity. Ring, Jack Letter to the editor 170
Visions and visionaries for 2020. Wagner, Cynthia G. 183
Wild plants as protein source. Brief article 109
WordBuzz: genobility. Brief article 110
WorldFuture 2010: sustainable futures, strategies, and technologies. Conference news 817

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