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Articles from The Futurist (May 1, 2009)

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A mini-history of micronations. Dunford, George 694
A wild card sampler: an overview of commonly cited wild cards offers a gloomy view of the future, with a few positive possibilities. Pomeroy, Brian 743
Are market economies imploding? Is Western capitalism on the verge of following Soviet communism into collapse? A new economic model must be found that works for all. Blasband, Marc 511
Artificial intelligence displaces service workers: al will make services more efficient but may displace many workers. We may have to shift attention from whether people will be able to retire to whether they'll be forced to. Malerich, Steve 350
Cost may threaten nuclear power's future: decommissioning plants presents a challenge. Cohen, Aaron M. 541
Elsewhere, U.S.A.: How We Got from the Company Man, Family Dinners, and the Affluent Society to the Home Office, Blackberry Moms, and Economic Anxiety. Book review 160
Forecasts in hindsight: the managing editor of THE FUTURIST reflects on issues that mattered in the past--and that still matter today. Wagner, Cynthia G. 757
Grabbing Lightning: Building a Capacity for Breakthrough Innovation. Book review 108
Healthy people need healthy communities: good health, like good real-estate value, is about "location, location, location". Docksai, Rick 710
How "wild cards" may reshape our future: good or bad, some wild cards may change not only the way we live, but also the way we think about ourselves as human beings. Petersen, John L. 1249
How to Live on Mars: A Trusty Guidebook to Surviving and Thriving on the Red Planet. Book review 126
How to play a wild card. Wagner, Cynthia G. 334
Increasing mental fitness: exercise more; your brain will thank you for it, says psychiatrist Ratey. Harris, Kenneth W. Book review 866
Innovation for Underdogs: How to Make the Leap from What If to Now What. Brief article 119
Investing in a Sustainable World: Why Green Is the New Color of Money on Wall Street. Brief article 101
It's closer than you thought: solar energy may soon power our homes, offices buildings, automobiles, and iPods. Higgins, James M. Column 2516
Last-resort solutions to global warming: geoengineering the planet to stave off disaster. Cascio, Jamais 939
Looking toward the future in the midst of economic uncertainty: a financial times columnist looks at challenges facing the global economy and how the action of governments could improve the situation--or worsen it. Wolf, Martin 2898
Nano-sized additive strengthens concrete. Brief article 111
National Lies: The Truth About American Values. Book review 116
New lands in the twenty-first century. Strauss, Erwin S. Essay 588
New nation predictions. Frey, Thomas Brief article 236
No college student Left Behind? Educators propose a new method to measure undergraduates' progress. Cohen, Aaron M. 748
Own your own island nation: who says they've stopped making real estate? One futurist explores the ultimate start-up, the private country. Frey, Thomas Cover story 1995
Problem Solving 101: A Simple Book for Smart People. Brief article 129
Producing artificial skin, factory-style. Brief article 112
Raising saltwater fish far from oceans. Brief article 115
Recession could lead to labor-force growth in 2009. Tucker, Patrick 707
Rehabilitating terrorists: Saudi government uses unconventional methods to fight extremism. Cohen, Aaron M. 645
Saving South America's Vicuna. Brief article 142
Scientific Collaboration on the Internet. Brief article 130
Singularity University set to open: Silicon Valley VIPs open school to study technology trends. Tucker, Patrick 649
Smarter smart phones. Docksai, Rick 428
Stalking goes high tech. Docksai, Rick 897
Sunspots and a communications catastrophe: sudden electromagnetic pulses from the sun could give us only a few minutes to hunker down before we lose all communication with each other. Miner, Dennis Brief article 315
Synthesis: an interdisciplinary discipline: as the professional world becomes more and more specialized, it's time for today's--and tomorrow's--leaders to embrace a multidisciplinary approach to problem solving. Tow, Bruce L.; Gilliam, David A. 2964
Teens in Crisis: How the Industry Serving Struggling Teens Helps and Hurts Our Kids. Brief article 127
The Beautiful Tree: A Personal Journey into How the World's Poorest People are Educating Themselves. Book review 127
THe case for micronations and artificial islands. Conway, McKinley Essay 538
The disappearance of food: the next global wild card? A food crisis might make the mortgage crisis seem mild by comparison. Rockefeller, John 610
The Genius Machine: The Eleven Steps That Turn Raw Ideas Into Brilliance. Book review 101
The Long Descent: A User's Guide to the End of the Industrial Age. Brief article 201
Timeline for the World Future Society's upcoming meetings. Calendar 116
Two sides of the future. Buren, Tobias Van Letter to the editor 263
Wild cards in our Future. Wagner, Cynthia G. Brief article 309
Word watch: ecoflation. Brief article 114
WorldFuture 2009: innovation and creativity in a complex world. 1201
Your very own island: build, rent, or claim? 379

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