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Articles from The Futurist (July 1, 2002)

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A gloomy future for U.S. Capitalism? Declining growth, weakening competitiveness, and other dark clouds loom. (Economics). Wagner, Cynthia G. 667
A Philadelphia story. Gordon, Mitchell 532
Building biospheres for space living. (Technology). 443
Changing lanes: watch what's coming on tomorrow's roads. Adams, Ronald; Brewer, Terry 3043
Choosing our genes: attempts to ban biomedical research are announced almost as frequently as reports on breakthroughs. A medical-technology analyst argues that the bans are premature and may do society more harm than good. Stock, Gregory 4536
Cold virus may fight cancer. (Tomorrow in Brief). 108
Consultants and services. (Special Advertising Section). 2659
Economic foresight for an age of uncertainty. (Books in Brief). Jennings, Lane 460
Extreme weather on the horizon: failure to curb greenhouse effects could lead to environmental catastrophe. (Environment). 514
Feedback. 821
Financial literacy: a tool for economic progress; more access to financial information and instruments will help less-well-off households and businesses to flourish, according to the federal reserve chairman. Greenspan, Alan 2419
Finding the right job. (Personal Futues). 377
Futurists vs. planners: given the rapid speed of business today, forward-thinking companies should consider futurology to stay ahead of change. (Future View). Mann, Jim 657
Invisible fences for cows. (Tomorrow in Brief). 124
Killing anthrax at home. (Tomorrow in Brief). 130
Learning from the Nightmares of the Past. (Book Review). Cleveland, Harlan 2125
Listening to Volcanoes. (Tomorrow in Brief). 134
Making government work better: government workers suggest ways to reform the reforms. (Government). Cristol, Hope 685
Measuring nature's productivity. (Environment). 414
Mike Dillard and Janet Hennard respond. (Commentaries and Response). 465
Nanotech warriors. (Technology). 332
New uses for chicken feathers. (Tomorrow in Brief). 125
Personal transporter. (Innovation and Impact). 376
Preparing a vision statement. (Books in Briefs). 259
Science pursues happiness: happiness pays off, studies show. (Society). Coles, Clifton 592
Solving (and causing) problems with technology. (About this Issue). 284
Strategies for job seekers: new college grads looking for work in a sluggish U.S. economy should consider unconventional jobs. Building a solid resume--not waiting for ideal job-makes new grads more viable in the long run. Challenger, John A. 1270
Teen drinking is on the rise: report blames parents, peers, media, and the alcohol industry. (Demography). Cristol, Hope 748
The approaching age of virtual nations: a passion for money, religion, or politics can turn online communities into virtual nations--complete with leaders, laws, and citizens, enter the new world order. Dillard, Mike; Hennard, Janet 2999
The childless revolution. (Demography). 596
The mission of The Futurist. 328
The overlapping of virtual and real. (Commentaries and Response). Cleveland, Harlan 359
The technology timeline. (Visions). 1221
V-Nations' capacity for evil. (Commentaries and Response). Ferkiss, Victor 487
Virtual nationhood? Not really. (Commentaries and Response). Coates, Vary T. 691
Virtual nations or telecommunications. (Commentaries and Response). Bugliarello, George 428
Wear your own power source: plastic solar cells are flexible, lightweight, and portable. (Technology). Coles, Clifton 410
What we lose with species loss. (Books in Brief). 414
WorldView 2002: futures unlimited! 1305

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