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The Future of Wipes.

Wednesday, December 10 - Thursday, December 11, 2008 Doubletree Atlanta Buckhead, Atlanta, Ga

reason to attend

* Gain the perspective of wipes producer Ahlstrom on eco-friendly wipes

* Receive a comprehensive global assessment of the wipes market from Euromonitor

* Hear the latest on sustainability initiatives from NatureWorks, Cognis, and Foss Manufacturing

* Gain insight from Cargill about fiber additives to improve strength and machine performance

* Generate new and reinforce established relationships while networking with colleagues and business leaders from across the industry

what's on the agenda

Disruptive Innovation--Cheryl Perkins of Innovationedge will detail how to make a splash in the industry through the advent of disruptive innovation, highlighting the importance of fruitful collaborative efforts, expanding your innovative social network, and how to deliver results that are fast and effective

Market Forecasts--The wipes industry continues to grow and evolve and industry players must learn how to adapt and thrive in a business landscape in perpetual flux. Phil Park of Euroeonitor will provide you with the latest data on global and regional market performance, key financial drivers and consumer trends, and an in-depth assessment of the latest product developments affecting industry.

Going Green--With growing consumer emphasis on the importance of green and sustainable products, the wipes industry must learn how to deliver on these expectations. This means not only moving toward greener practices and sustainable product development, but also creating clear definitions of these terms. Drummond Lawson of Method will examine what it means to be green and how to develop a product that not only claims to be green but that also delivers. Kyra Dorsey of Ahlstrom Nonwovens will expand on these key themes while also outlining how to successfully market a green product.

Versatile, Stronger, and More Productive--Material advances continue to make wipes more durable and dynamic. Matthew North of Kelheim Fibers will address how recent developments with rayon fibers have allowed for wipes that are both ultra light and more absorbent. Jagannadh Satyavolu of Cargill will discuss fibers with enhanced flexibility and water absorbency.

about the conference

As environmental and sustainability issues continue to move to the forefront of public consciousness the wipes industry has been forced to adapt. End users have raised the bar as to what they expect from suppliers while setting stringent procurement standards that must be met. With new expectations in place, companies have been forced to alter their business strategies and to implement initiatives that are more in line with the industry's greener expectations. This has included measures to utilize alternative materials such as PLA, cotton, bamboo, and recycled plastics. Companies that are able to take advantage of new materials and technologies will reap the benefits while those that cannot will be left behind.

With so much change in the industry companies must learn how to adapt to the latest market trends and technology developments. With the global market for consumer antimicrobial wipes expected to reach $1.2 billion by 2012 the stakes are high *. IntertechPira's The Future of Wipes 2008 will examine the hottest industry trends including market analysis, sustainability and lifecycle assessment for disparate materials, and technical innovations including packaging design and material advances. Delegates will receive prescient insight from the breadth of the supply chain from material suppliers to wipes manufacturers that will provide you with the tools to understand where the industry is, where it is going, and what your organization must do to adapt to the changing industry landscape.

Featuring a pre-conference workshop, a keynote presentation, three in-depth sessions, and numerous networking functions The Future of Wipes 2008 is a must attend for anyone with a stake in this rapidly evolving industry. Building on the success of the prior two editions, this event is designed for wipe manufacturers, suppliers of nonwovens, suppliers and developers of chemicals and packaging converters of wipe applications. If the future of your business is tied to the future of wipes you will want to make certain that you are in Atlanta December 10-11 for The Future of Wipes 2008.

* The Future of Antimicrobial and Antibacterial Wipes- strategic five-year forecasts, Pira International 2007.

Who should attend

Wipe manufacturers--come and exchange ideas and experiences with fellow manufacturers, suppliers and researchers on how to take advantage of the latest innovations for wipes.

Suppliers of nonwovens--learn about the latest technology discoveries designed for nonwoven applications and how they can help you achieve your goals.

Suppliers and developers of chemicals--get the inside track on future innovations and establish relationships to help deliver on new projects.

Packaging converters of wipe applications--network with new clients and learn about the needs of end users.

Researchers and consultants--discuss new ideas for research projects and find out what the industry needs.

The venue

Featuring a complimentary 10,000 square foot state-of-the art fitness facility and health club, an exceptional breakfast buffet, and classically prepared American cuisine, the distinctive Doubletree Atlanta Buckhead hotel offers first-rate accommodations and sumptuous comforts. Located just minutes from the dynamic Buckhead Village entertainment district, downtown Atlanta, and the Georgia Dome, the venue also offers easy access into historic Atlanta. Whether you are seeking the refined luxury of a premium hotel or to delve into the lush cultural charms of scenic Atlanta, the Doubletree Atlanta Buddhead will surpass your expectations.


Venue details

Doubletree Atlanta Buckhead

3342 Peachtree Road, NE

Atlanta, Georgia, 30326

Tel: 1 404 231 1234/Fax: 1 404 231 5236


Speakers and delegates are responsible for booking their own travel and accommodations. A limited number of rooms have been reserved for conference delegates wishing to stay for the special rate of $149 plus taxes. Delegates must reserve their room no later than November 18 to take advantage of this special rate. Wherever possible accommodations should be reserved early as rooms cannot be guaranteed and rates are subject to change after this date. To book your accommodations, please contact the hotel directly at +1 800 222 8733. Please state you are attending the IntertechPira Wipes Conference to get the preferential rate.

Conference fees

The conference fee includes entry to the conference sessions and the exhibition, full documentation, lunch and refreshments. However, fees do not include delegate travel and accommodatios. All credit card orders are processed at the [pounds sterling]/E/$ exchange rate at the time the transaction goes through. PLEASE NOTE: Credit card details will be necessary if your booking is made less then ten days prior to the start of the conference, or if your invoice remains unpaid at the start of the event Please see step three for further details.


Cancellations will be accepted and fees will be refunded (less 20% handling charge) only if made in writing and received ten working days before the event Bookings cannot be cancelled or fees refunded thereafter. Substitutions may be made at any time, please notify Jeremy Powell at +1 207 781 9610 or


IntertechPira does not accept liability for any loss of or damage to the personal effects of delegates attending the conference. IntertechPira reserves the right to cancel, defer or modify the event proceedings without prior notice.


Delegates requiring visas should request a visa invitation letter from IntertechPira at the time of registering for the event, ensuring sufficient time for applications to be processed. Delegates are responsible for contacting the relevant embassy. IntertechPira can do nothing further to assist in this process.

Your event organizer

IntertechPira provides events, training, online information and publications across a wide range of topical issues affecting varied industries. Our 100% independent products are provided globally 24/7 and delivered by teams of independent experts at sites in Portland, ME, US and London, UK across 14 key industry sectors. We specialize in providing expert quality information on: disruptive technologies and their application, research and product development, globalization and new markets; production methods; regulatory and compliance.

industry insights

Get up-to-date on the hottest issues and technologies with IntertechPira's new Industry Insights.

Industry insights provide:

* Original primary research designed to help you understand new technologies or top up your knowledge with the latest developments

* Often linked to our events, they make ideal pre-reading for the conference

* Share the intelligence around your company with unlimited internal distribution rights

* Instantly downloadable

* Ideal for use in presentations and reports

* Learn about a hot new industry subject or top-up your knowledge with the latest developments

Industry Insights are a minimum of 5000 words, annotated with figures and diagrams, and written by industry experts. They're delivered in pdf format with no restrictions on internal corporate usage, $150 each

Launderable vs Disposable Nonwoven Wipes


In recent years the disposable nonwoven wipes sector has demonstrated rapid growth. With the consumer sector dominated by nonwoven disposable wipes, it now competes with launderable wipes in the segments of food service and general industrial applications.

This Industry Insight focuses on recent developments in disposable nonwoven wipes in comparison to launderable wipes, including material and manufacturing trends, market demand and key players, growth drivers and inhibitors, and pertinent regulations.

pre-conference seminar

Natural & Sustainable Personal Care Market

Wednesday, December 10, 8:30am-12:00pm (included in conference registration fee)

As the world awakens to the need for greener, more sustainable products and services, there arises a need to approach marketing in an authentic and responsible manner. In this workshop you will learn the practical tools to not only market green products and services, but also how to set up a sustainability plan to infuse into your marketing strategy. Topics covered include sustainability auditing and planning, marketing plan development, branding, public relations, and much more.

This discussion-based workshop is intended for anyone seeking to learn how to better promote their products or produce a business development plan in an industry landscape that is increasingly more conscious of green and sustainability issues. You will leave with a better understanding of what it means to be green and sustainable, what these terms mean for your business, and how to best incorporate them into your business model.

Your seminar leader


Darrin Duber-Smith, President GREEN MARKETING, INC

Darrin C. Duber-Smith, president of Green Marketing, Inc., has over 20 years of experience in the marketing and management profession including extensive experience in working with natural, organic and green/sustainable products. He has published over 50 articles in the trade, has been an expert speaker at dozens of executive-level events over the past 10 years, and is a Visiting Assistant Professor of Marketing at Metro State College in Denver, CO. Green Marketing, Inc., is a full service marketing strategy and brand development firm offering a complete array of services including marketing plan development, branding/creative strategies, graphic design/copyrighting, PR, and integrated marketing communications development among a host of others. The company is uniquely adept at infusing sustainability and corporate social responsibility into the marketing strategy of any organization willing to make a commitment to this type of strategy.

proceedings on cd


Get your proceedings on CD at the conference! Instead of a printed proceedings document, you can now view the latest full color version of the conference presentations on your laptop at tire conference You'll also receive a link of modified presentations after the conference This policy means more detail and up-to-date information while benefiting the environment and giving you less to carry on the journey home. For more information please contact Laura Limoge at + 1 207 781 9630 or

Exhibition and sponsorship opportunities

A range of sponsorship and exhibit-based packages are available to organizations looking to develop their business within the field of wipes and nonwovens. Participation at The Future of Wipes 2008 will demonstrate your organization's expertise in this market and raise your corporate profile amongst senior decision-makers in leading international companies. For more information on how this conference can benefit you, please contact Brian Santos at +1 207 781 9618 or
Conference agenda

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

8:00 Registration and refreshments


 Natural and Sustainable Personal Care
 Market A Comprehensive Overview,
 Analysis and Marketing Strategies
 Darrin Duber-Smith, President

1:15 Registration and refreshments

2:00 Opening remarks from the Co-Chairs

 Jeffrey Slosman, CEO
 Karen Bitz McIntyre, Editor


 Don't Be Left Behind: Partnering
 Delivers Disruptive Innovation
 * Where does disruptive innovation come from?
 * How to get started to deliver immediate
 * How to invite inventors and entrepreneurs
 into your innovation network
 * Where to find the right partners to deliver
 disruptive innovation
 * How to engage internal stakeholders in
 your efforts

 Cheryl Perkins, President

 Market Forecast and Trends

2:45 The Changing Face of Wipes:
 A Global Perspective

 * Market performance globally and regionally
 * Identifying current and future markets
 for growth
 * Evaluating new product developments globally
 * Assessing major consumer trends shaping
 the industry
 * Macro and micro economic variables and
 their affect on industry trends

 Phil Park, Research Analyst


 The Use of Environmental Design to
 Broaden the Definition of "Green" Products

 * Careful selection of materials and their
 environmental characteristics
 * Development of a truly green product
 * Access to people who's buying patterns
 wouldn't ordinarily include environmental
 product offerings
 * Expanding the reach of green products

 Drummond Lawson,
 Environmental Strategy

3:55 Afternoon refreshments

4:15 Being Green as We Clean:
 The Balancing Act
 * The eco-friendly movement
 * Green materials/ eco-friendly wipes
 * The reality of sustainability
 * Using our waste/ recycling
 * Changes in the marketing of a
 "green" product

 Dr Kyra Dorsey, Sr. Product Design
 Assoc., Wipes Product Line

4:50 Antimicrobials and Nonwoven Wipes:
 Function, Sustainability and
 "Cradle to Cradle" Accountability
 * Bringing "green" wipes products to the
 consumer and medical industry that satisfy
 the growing demand for environmental
 * Nonwovens wipes with antimicrobial plus
 sustainable features is the "one-two punch"
 against microbes--the enemy of sustainability
 * Explore the elements and processes for
 defining and assessing sustainability for
 nonwoven wipes industry
 * Balancing sustainability and antimicrobial
 * Explore sustainable, functional, efficacious
 and economical antimicrobial choices for
 the wipes market

 W. Curtis White, CEO and Director of R&D

5:25 Closing remarks from the Co-Chairs

5:30 Drinks reception

 All speakers and delegates are invited to a
 relaxed and informal drinks reception to
 network and discuss the day's proceedings

Thursday, December 11, 2008

8:30 Registration and refreshments

9:00 Opening remarks from the Co-Chairs

 Jeffrey Slosman, CEO
 Karen Bitz McIntyre, Editor

 Sustainability and
 Analysis of Wipes Lifecycle

9:10 Environmental Impact of Cotton

 * Today's agricultural practices
 * Application of technology and best practices
 * Ensuring that cotton remains an integral
 and sustainable part of our environment
 * Use in everyday life products

 Jan O'Regan, Senior Manager,
 Supply Chain Initiatives

9:45 Advantages of Using Ingeo in Wipes

 * Environmental benefits of Ingeo vs synthetic
 materials will be reviewed-specifically
 reduced fossil fuel usage and greenhouse
 gas generation
 * Desirable performance attributes for
 wipes applications
 * Meeting environmentally conscious
 consumer needs with an annually
 renewable product
 * LCA and specific environmental benefits of
 current and future products

 Robert Green, Ingeo Fiber and Nonwovens
 New Business Development Manager and
 Global Nonwovens Market Coordinator,

10:20 Morning refreshments

10:40 A New Understanding of Wellness:

 * Highly-concentrated Nanoemulsion lotion
 for wet wipes
 * Fcocert-approved highly concentrated
 microemulsion for wet wipes
 * Designed to fulfill the increasing
 "greening" trend

 Sam Naggiar, Research Manager

11:15 Multi-Purpose Cleaning Wipes

 * Made with Eco-fi: sustainable polyester
 made from recycled plastic bottles
 * Simply clean and green
 * Plastic bottle facts
 * Recycling trends
 * Consumer demand for green products

 Speaker TBD

 Technical Innovations

11:50 Engaging Consumers Senses
 through Packaging

 * See--decorative effects
 * Touch--tactile finishes
 * Open--technical opening features
 * Sustain--packaging that is in tune with the
 emotional state of the consumer

 Adam Ferguson, Director of Sales for
 Personal Care Packaging

12:25 Lunch will be served for speakers and delegates

1:45 Rayon Fibers--The Versatile Choice
 for Wipes

 * Rayon fibers helping to manage the
 absorbent properties of wipes
 * Alloyed rayon fibers with enhanced
 surface properties
 * Microdenier fibers for ultra light wipes products
 * Fibres with increased opacity for
 increased cover

 Matthew North, Commercial Director,

2:20 Enhanced Fiber Additives for Strength
 and Machine Performance Improvement

 * Fiber additives for the wet-end of a tissue
 machine system to increase the level of
 hemicellulose on wood fiber surfaces
 * Improvement of pliability and water holding
 ability of fibers
 * Enhanced fiber-to-fiber bonding and
 improved fiber flexibility

 Jagannadh Satyavolu, Business &
 Technology Development Manager,
 Enhanced Fiber Additives

3:05 A Wew Approach to Eco-Friendly Nonwoven
 Products: A Novel Dispersible Binder
 Stephanie N. Cottrell, Technical Group
 Leader: Textiles/Nonwovens, Packaging
 and Building Materials

3:40 Closing remarks from the Co-Chairs
 and end of conference
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