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The Future of Franchising: Taking Advantage of the Changing Complexion of the American Economy.

Despite the recent economic downturn, franchising remains one of the fastest growing segments of the American business economy. As we continue to move through this new millennium, franchising as a business format will continue to grow in importance. The driving force behind any successful business venture, whether it is a part of the "new" economy or the old "industrial revolution" is profitability. And profitability is largely dependent on operating a business in the most proven and cost-efficient manner possible-the core ingredients of any well-run franchise system.

With traditional domestic market rapidly reaching their saturation point, many U.S. companies began to look elsewhere for the new sites they needed to sustain their company's growth. Over the past decade, a number of franchisors have rapidly expanded the presence of their companies in foreign countries. A significant portion of the expanded globalization of the "new" U.S. economy has been lead by domestic franchise companies. At the same time, many foreign companies, seeking to gain a portion of the largest consumer market in the world, have chosen to acquire or expand into the American market. From fast food to hospitality and from automobile dealerships to telecommunication companies, franchising has lead the way for expansion in this new global economy. The availability of new technology has aided the communication and management capabilities of many businesses and has allowed smaller companies to develop strategies for international expansion.

The Potential Business Opportunity in Minority Communities

In September of 2000, the Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA), a division of the U.S. Department of Commerce, issued a report on the projected purchasing power of minorities for the period of 2000 to 2045. MBDA pointed out that the minority population over the age of 15 had increased its purchasing power by 47 percent from the period of 1990 to 1998. During the same time period, non-Hispanic whites increased their purchasing power by only 18 percent. And, the report indicates that by the year 2045, minority purchasing power will be between $4 trillion and $6.1 trillion. As a result, minority populations may contribute between 44 and 70 percent, of the total increase in U.S. purchasing power from 2000 to 2045. With the large concentration of minority population in our urban centers and their increasing presence in the "close-in" suburbs, this is a tremendous portion of the buying public in the "new economy" that cannot be ignored.

According to the Urban Land Institute, "Inner-city retailing is one of the few areas where there is still unfulfilled demand, but a cookie-cutter approach will not work. Successful inner-city retail development requires partnerships between forward thinking developers and creative public officials. Partnerships of this kind can help developers and retailers to tap into a significant and under-served market."

Increasing Support for Diversity in Franchising Industry

Recently, the International Franchise Association's (IFA) Educational Foundation has received a significant number of donations, specifically, to support greater understanding of diversity and its impact within the franchise industry. For example, Coca Cola has pledged $250,000 to the IFA Foundation to establish a Diversity Training Institute. The purpose of the Institute will be to provide a permanent framework for fostering diversity awareness and providing training for franchise executives and franchisees. Marriott has announced a grant of $150,000 to the IFA Educational Foundation to establish a Franchising Minority Scholarship Program. Marriott's gift will establish a restricted fund for the purpose of developing and supporting a Franchising Minority Scholarship Program to expand education and career opportunities for minorities in franchising. Other member companies, like PepsiCo and AFC, have also provided contributions to the foundation to expand diversity education and training in the franchise community.

City and Statewide programs that provide a path of entry to entrepreneurs of color include: Community Connections and The Latino Franchise Project in Chicago; the North Carolina Community Development Initiative and the TennesseeStrategic Targeted Areas of Redevelopment.

Increasingly franchisors are recognizing their potential for increased sales by tapping into the African American market, with current and aspiring business owners as well as with consumers. This awareness is particularly prevalent in the retail industry. Support from various companies, trade organizations, as well as government agencies for diversity in the franchising, sends a clear message that entrepreneurial pursuits are indeed accessible to African Americans in this industry. Population and economic growth trends in African American communities further demonstrate the business opportunity.


After ten years of building a national presence and a solid support base in urban and rural centers, JAN-PRO Cleaning Systems continues to expand and welcome new franchisees in all levels of the business. In 2001, Entrepreneur Magazine recognized JAN-PRO as a "Top 30 Fastest-Growing" and as a "Top 20 Low-Investment" franchise in their annual Franchise 500 issue.

At JAN-PRO we offer various levels of investment packages. You can start with as little as $950 down and grow at your own speed. JAN-PRO supplies you with a starting customer base, a comprehensive training package and ongoing support system. You become your own boss through the guidance of an established and proven franchise organization.

Michael Faison, JAN-PRO franchise owner in Philadelphia, always wanted to be an entrepreneur, but knew first-hand the problems of being in business for himself. Owning a JAN-PRO franchise has given him the freedom to own and operate a successful business and the flexibility to pursue other interests with his family and community.

"I like the idea of a JAN-PRO franchise," Faison says, "because it gives me a proven system. JAN-PRO got me started by providing accounts. They also supply me with marketing, insurance and bonding, and they handle all the paperwork. JAN-PRO has given me the base and the flexibility to grow my business at my own speed.

In 1998, Faison started up a JAN-PRO franchise with $5,000 in contracts. In less than two years, his business was exceeding $100,000 billable contracts and continues to grow today. The JAN-PRO program is designed for the individual owner, like Michael, to grow in manageable steps, with various investment programs. There is no limit to how large you can eventually expand your business

With over 800 franchises nationwide, JAN-PRO offers internal financing programs for minority franchisees. We also encourage the development of cleaning contracts with facilities located within inner city cores. We're poised for growth in the new century and we are committed to helping you succeed.

AAMCO Transmissions

"I was going to college, had no mechanical experience, and thought my AAMCO experience would be only temporary. That was 15 years ago," says Peter Fiorentino of New Brunswick, NJ

"Several years ago I decided to purchase an AAMCO center of my own. My initial investment was only $75,000. But after five and a half years of hard work and dedication to my business, I am now worth close to $1,500,000." Fiorentino is living the American dream.

Another AAMCO franchisee, Gary Haslip of Eugene, OR, adds, "I'm enjoying a lifestyle that at one time I could only dream about. I'm very thankful that I've aligned myself with AAMCO Transmissions."

Are you searching for financial security, for independence, for control? Could you be the next AAMCO success story? There's never been a better time to buy an AAMCO center.

An AAMCO franchise offers what few other business opportunities can. Since 1963, AAMCO has attracted business-minded professionals and entrepreneurs from all walks of life.

Here's how you can benefit from owning an AAMCO franchise:

* 92 out of 100 motorists know the AAMCO brand-that's four times the recognition of any other transmission repair specialist. That recognition is continually reinforced with notable broadcast advertising campaigns featuring the well-known "Double A, beep beep, MCO" tagline and an AAMCO tradition of celebrity spokespersons.

* Nearly 40 years of leadership in the $150 billion automotive aftermarket.

* AAMCO is the world's largest chain of transmission specialists, with more than 700 franchised centers from coast to coast.

* No mechanical experience is required.

The AAMCO system provides the tools you need to be successful. As an AAMCO franchisee, you receive support with market development and site selection, comprehensive dealer training, operations training and consulting, and technical assistance.

For financial security and independence, call AAMCO at 800-223-8887 for complete information and a fact filled video, or email:


SIGN-A-RAMA, the world's largest, fastest growing name in the full-service, quick sign industry, is celebrating its 15th anniversary throughout 2001. With such a strong history and 550 franchises in the U.S. and around the world, there is a good reason for the company's success. Kevin Wheeler, Director of Minority Development, explains:

"SIGN-A-RAMA has a tremendous training and support system in place to help new and existing franchisees hit the ground running. Initial training takes place at the company's Corporate Offices in beautiful West Palm Beach, Florida. This high-tech teaching facility incorporates the latest equipment and training techniques, giving new franchisees the information and tools they need to open their new franchise with confidence." "Additionally," Wheeler continues, "Corporate Regional Offices are located conveniently and strategically throughout the country. Each office is staffed with a Regional Vice President and support staffs that are on-call for you. Your new hires receive local training--you are in business for yourself, but not by yourself. Helping new franchisees start up their business and getting things running smoothly is one of SIGN-A-RAMA's strengths. But it certainly doesn't stop there."

"On going training, vendor exhibits, and camaraderie at SIGN-A-RAMA's annual, industry-famous EXPO keep our franchisees current about everything in the quick-sign business," Wheeler adds. "When customers come into a SIGN-A-RAMA store, they know the owners and staff are knowledgeable, dependable, and do outstanding, quality work. SIGN-A-RAMA franchise owners are proud of their businesses and how they operate them. And customers can tell."

"In closing," Wheeler says, "I'm as proud to be a part of the SIGN-A-RAMA family as our franchisees are. This company supports minority initiatives and will do whatever it takes to make you a successful franchise owner. We've done it in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. Take the first step and call me," Says Wheeler. "I'll show you how easy it is to be the owner of the best sign franchise in the world." Kevin Wheeler, Director of Minority Development, can be reached at SIGN-A-RAMA's Corporate Office by calling (800) 286-8671. Visit SIGN-A-RAMA's Website at


Chick-fil-A[R] offers a unique career opportunity. If you are not familiar with one of America's largest chicken restaurant companies, you could be missing out on much more than a great meal.

With more than 975 restaurants in 34 states, Chick-fil-A is one of the nation's largest quick-service chicken restaurant chains, Chick-fil-A serves nutritious food products in mall, free-standing, and drive thru-only locations.

Chick-fil-A is a privately held organization whose goals have been successfully translated into a thriving business. The chain provides jobs for thousands of individuals and maintains an active role in the community.

For 33 consecutive years, Chick-fil-A has posted sales gains. What's our secret? Our restaurant Operators. As the restaurant Operator is one of the most integral parts of the company, Chick-fil-A provides the continued support and resources an Operator needs to be successful. Each Operator undergoes a six-week training program, including three weeks of hands-on, in-Unit training with an Operator coach, and three weeks of classroom training. After training, Chick-fil-A will continue to develop Operators with field visits from business consultants, which assist Operators with an array of business practices, including restaurant operations, employee training, marketing, and financial analysis.

Chick-fil-A is looking for individuals who want to operate a business of their own, who have a strong entrepreneurial spirit, a proven track record in business leadership, a geographical fit with an available restaurant location, and a desire to build a solid future. A college degree or equivalent experience is required.

All Operators, after being selected for an available Unit, have the same contractual arrangement. Each month, Chick-fil-A receives 15 percent of gross sales for operational expenses. After all other Unit expenses are paid, the net monthly profits are split 50-50. Chick-fil-A Operators are assured a minimum income of $30,000 annually.

For more information, please contact us at (800) 232-2677 ext. 8194,, or visit our website at

Sunoco Inc.

Ten Penn Center 1801 Market St. 22nd Fl. Philadelphia, PA 19103 (215) 977-3000 - Phone (215) 977-6191 - Fax


Sunoco sells gasoline and middle distillates at retail and operates service repair outlets and convenience stores in 12 New England and Mid-Atlantic States from Maine to Virginia.


Retail Petroleum Marketer since 1920.


The amount of cash or liquid assets required will vary depending on the method of acquisition and characteristics of the particular site.


Retail candidates attend an intensive four-week course at Sunoco University in Philadelphia, PA. There, you will receive education and training in basic business and retailing fundamentals, accounting, gasoline, management and marketing training, employee recruitment and development and other pertinent topics. In addition, the company provides seminars periodically on topics pertaining to the business.


Sunoco's field operations staff is comprised of highly trained, experienced business professionals who understand the complexities of your business and who are dedicated to helping you and your business succeed. Proactive marketing support is provided through highly professional advertising and promotional support teams. Sunoco continually adds value to your business though its exciting promotional programs. Whether it be a regional or local campaign, a mass media or point of sale material promotion, you'll have support to let customers know about the special services you offer.


To begin the process of acquiring a franchise, complete a franchise application and return it to Sunoco. Upon receipt of your application, it will be reviewed to see if it meets our initial requirements. You will be notified in approximately 3 weeks as to your preliminary status. Shortly thereafter, you will be contacted by our field staff to advise of the availability of sites in the applicable geographical area and to further discuss your application.


A Sunoco franchise gives you the opportunity to be in business for yourself, not by yourself. By being a member of the Sunoco family, Sunoco franchisees are able to blend well proven operating standards with their own personal ideas to build a thriving business.


To obtain your application, please write to: Dealer Recruitment, Sunoco, Inc., 1801 Market St.-22nd Fl., Philadelphia, PA 19103-1699 or call 800-SUN-5099.

Kumon Math and Reading Centers

The Kumon Method of education is designed to help people achieve the math and reading skills needed for a lifetime of accomplishment. Kumon is a supplemental learning program that complements and reinforces regular schoolwork. Kumon's unique materials range from preschool through high school levels and are suitable for enrichment, review, and practice.

Kumon began in Japan with a father's desire to help his son master the skills needed to pass elementary school arithmetic. Today, more than 2.8 million students in 42 countries use the Kumon Method to enhance their math and reading skills.

Most Kumon students visit a Center in their neighborhood. Local professionals with a background in business or education operate these franchised centers. Kumon franchisees want an opportunity to earn income and to get involved with education at the grass roots.

James Boykin worked as an engineer before becoming a Kumon Instructor in Chattanooga, Tennessee. "When I opened my Center, I told my wife that these first students would sell our program. Almost three years later our Center has grown to over 200 students."

Essie Richardson was an elementary school principal in Columbus, Ohio contemplating how to stay active after retirement. Opening a Kumon Center "enabled me to continue serving young people and experience the challenge of developing my own business." After seven years of operating her own Center, Essie concludes "Its rewarding to have parents express their appreciation and to hear about improvement of grades, but the most thrilling aspect of Kumon is to observe the students as they develop self-confidence and skills in learning how to learn."

Or, as James Boykin put it, "It's a joy to serve the community in such a positive way."

Kumon is also available for use by qualified schools, community groups, and faith-based organizations.


Choice Hotels

Choice Hotels International, one of the world's largest hotel companies, franchises more than 5,000 hotels, inns, all-suite hotels and resorts open or under development in 41 countries under the brand names of Comfort Inn, Comfort Suites, Quality, Clarion, Sleep Inn, Mainstay Suites, EconoLodge, and Rodeway Inn. Entrepreneur magazine has named Choice the number one lodging franchisor for several consecutive years in the publication's annual "Franchise 500" ranking.

Choice offers a host of support and training services to help give franchisees an edge on today's competition. Among them is the "Total Lodging by Choice" owner and general manager training program which is conducted in The Learning Center, a $2.5 million, 11,000 square foot state-of-the-art educational facility located at the Choice Center complex in Silver Spring, Maryland. The week long program, which is mandatory for all new franchisees entering the Choice system, incorporates a case-study methodology and offers in depth courses on marketing, reservations, operations, staffing, guest relations, and budgeting. The program is designed to help franchisees leverage Choice's proven business systems, proprietary technology and strategic partnerships to succeed in today's competitive marketplace.

If you are interested in franchising with a proven leader, call 1.800.547.0007 or visit to learn more.

Liberty Tax Service

Since its inception four years ago, Liberty Tax Service has continued to rise in the ranks of outstanding franchise opportunities. Entrepreneur ranks Liberty as #53 in the January 2001 "Franchise 500," and as the 21st fastest growing franchise.

Low start-up costs and the certainty of taxation also provide an enticing business opportunity in an arena historically dominated by one major player: H & R Block, with 25% market share. More and more people pay taxes each year, and 57% of taxpayers paid a preparer to do their taxes for them last year. Liberty Tax Service is an aggressive player that now has 500 offices in the U.S. and Canada, and is adding more now.

Liberty's growth is fueled by a proven operating system that has been fine-tuned by the leadership and field support staffs years of tax experience-over 200 total! President and CEO, John T. Hewitt has worked 32 tax seasons, 12 with H & R Block as a regional manager. Then he worked 16 years with Jackson Hewitt, a company he founded by buying a local tax service with six offices. Hewitt grew Jackson Hewitt from a regional operation to a national force in the industry with 1340 offices when it was sold, for close to half a billion dollars.

Liberty Tax Service still has ground floor opportunities in some areas. The franchise fee is $20,000 as of July 1, 2001. The balance of the other estimated costs range from $33,000 - $44,100 depending on several factors, which can include rent, salaries and equipment. Liberty Tax Service is a participant in the National Minority Franchising Initiative.

No prior tax experience is required to put this proven system to work for your success! Are you ready to build a tax business on this cornerstone of expertise with support in training, marketing, software, research and development? For more information, and a free video, please call Liberty Tax Service, 800-790-3863, or visit our website

Dunhill Staffing Systems, Inc.

Dunhill Staffing Systems, Inc. is one of the leading staffing companies in North America and one of the 25 largest staffing companies in the world. In business since 1952 and franchising since 1961, Dunhill offers its franchisees a proven business format, a world-class brand, outstanding products and services with an unparalleled level of training and support services. Unique, Dunhill provides both temporary staffing (clerical, light industrial, and support staffing) services through its Dunhill Staffing Systems franchise and management placement (managerial, technical, professional, sales) through its Dunhill Professional Search franchises. Currently, Dunhill operates 126 franchised offices throughout the U.S. and Canada. Since 1992, Dunhill has enjoyed 20% top-line revenue growth annually.

As our clients tend to be regional, national companies and Fortune 500 companies, most of our new owners come to us from the "corporate world" but with no staffing industry background or experience. Dunhill seeks individuals with an accomplished management background in virtually any field of business, preferably with either a significant level of corporate-world business experience or demonstrated sales ability, strong entrepreneurial spirit, solid oral communication skills, strong interpersonal skills and the ability to learn our fast paced and exciting business. This is a "hands-on" business opportunity that offers our Dunhill Presidents (owners) substantial earnings. Dunhill grants a limited number of franchises throughout its system each year in an effort to balance growth with quality throughout the organization.

With a demonstrated commitment to diversity franchising, Dunhill offers outstanding franchise opportunities throughout the U.S. and Canada. For further information, either visit our Dunhill website at: www.dunhill or contact Robert Stidham, Vice President of Business Development at 1-800-DUNSTAF (386-7823) or by email at rrs@dunhill

The Athlete's Foot

The Athlete's Foot, the world's oldest and largest athletic footwear franchise, is the recognized leader in athletic footwear franchising. With more than 750 stores in over 45 countries, The Athlete's Foot offers a comprehensive support program backed by three decades of experience.

The Athlete's Foot seeks to provide outstanding franchise ownership opportunities by developing relationships that advance minority ownership in communities across the U.S. and the globe.

Some of our greatest success stories come from our local minority owners who blend their entrepreneurial expertise with The Athlete's Foot proven formula for success. According to Marty Amschler, Vice President of Franchise for The Athlete's Foot Group, these partnerships are invaluable to the success of the company. "By providing the expertise, brand name, and vendor relationships to a franchisee, we can help put the right infrastructure in place to grow a successful business. This expertise ensures we all cater to the unique needs of the local marketplace".

The Athlete's Foot was named "Trendsetter of the Year" for 1999 by Sports Trend Magazine, as well as Success Magazine's number one franchise opportunity and Entrepreneur International Magazine's eighth largest global retail franchisor.

The Athlete's Foot is a privately owned company based in the Atlanta area. Call 1-800-524-6444; email us at TAF franchise@the; or visit our website at www.THE for more information.


Following a career as a professional basketball player, coach, and teacher, George Tinsley was recruited by Col. Harland Sanders to use his leadership skills to teach new KFC franchisees the art of teamwork. His success as a KFC training instructor led to a steady rise through KFC's corporate ranks and ultimately to franchise ownership in 1984. Today, George is president of several successful enterprises including PenGeo, Inc., a top-grossing, award-winning KFC franchise in the Tampa Bay area. Tinsley credits his success to his partnership with his wife, Seretha, and the support of his children; his business acumen; and his commitment to building a great team, mentoring others, and giving back.

"Franchising is a viable option for entrepreneurs who are looking at top tier franchises like KFC, but you must be prepared for hard work; follow a proven system; and be flexible enough to respond to shifts in the economy and the marketplace," says Tinsley. "A well-developed business plan is essential as a realistic assessment of your strengths, weaknesses, and financial assets, including resources available through relatives, family, and friends.

Tinsley and his wife have received local and national recognition for their community service through their involvement on numerous boards and councils. Tinsley views community service as both a responsibility to give something back and an investment. "The backbone of our business is the young people we hire. Many KFC team member relationships are established through community activities and we consider it a privilege to be able to mentor these future leaders and to help them achieve their dreams."

In addition to extensive community involvement, Tinsley is president of the KFC African-American Franchisee Association, whose primary objective is to create a network of strong, successful black franchisees and to serve as an important resource to KFC on the development of initiatives to attract and retain minority franchises, employees, suppliers, and customers in urban and suburban communities.


A great way to find a great franchise is to speak with knowledgeable franchisees. In Meineke's case, the franchisees have spoken. The American Association of Franchisees & Dealers (AAFD), whose members span the full range of franchise opportunities, named Meineke as their FRANCHISOR OF THE YEAR in 2001.

Then AAFD awarded Meineke with their FAIR FRANCHISING SEAL, an honor that no other company in the automotive industry has achieved. In earning the Franchising Seal, Meineke's contract received the highest grade ever given by the AAFD's Standards Committee. Meineke dealers were equally enthusiastic, voting a resounding 92% in favor of granting the award.

It takes more than great operating and marketing systems to be singled out for such recognition. Meineke isn't just about retailing - we're about relationships. So yes, Meineke offers a winning lineup of automotive products and services to the public. And our powerful marketing program effectively and efficiently maintains peak brand awareness.

But Meineke has long realized that delivering quality and satisfaction to our customers can only be accomplished by enabling our franchisees to be the best in the industry. That means a serious commitment to educating every Meineke dealer who opens a shop, a four-week curriculum at Meineke University that teaches new franchisees what they need to know--whether it's greeting customers, hiring technicians, or welding a tailpipe.

Meineke's training, marketing, and unsurpassed dealer support add up to a system that has brought success to hard-working entrepreneurs from a wide variety of professional and ethnic backgrounds. With an attractively low initial investment, you can count on Meineke to set you up in a prime location--and provide you with the tools to enable you to succeed. To see why Success Magazine has rated Meineke one of America's Top 20 franchise opportunities, visit our website ( or call us toll-free at 1-800-meineke(634-6353).


Denny's is an American icon. With locations all along the nation's highways and byways, Denny's has been serving as America's kitchen table for hungry travelers and hometown families alike for nearly 50 years.

Franchises opened 84 new restaurants in 2000, marketing the second consecutive year of record franchise growth. This growth reflects the chain's vitality and the confidence our franchise partners have in the strength of the Denny's brand.

Diversity is an integral part of Denny's culture and a business strength. In 2001, Denny's has been ranked the best company in America for minorities by Fortune magazine for the second year in a row. Nearly 40 percent of all Denny's franchise restaurants are minority owned, and of these 66 or 16 percent, are owned by African-Americans.

Through a comprehensive program that includes training, new restaurant opening assistance, advertising, and ongoing field support; Denny's is committed to working together with its franchise partners for future success. Miles Holland of MRH Enterprises, Inc., is one of Denny's many African American franchise owners creating a world of economic opportunity in the local communities his restaurants serve.

"What I find the most rewarding about Denny's is that the company provides opportunity based on merit. With each opportunity Denny's presented me, I've been able to excel and improve operations. Denny's has allowed me to grow from two Southern California locations in 1995 to my current 10 Denny's spanning from California's desert to the Midwest," Holland says. "Today I'm in a position to provide an opportunity to others seeking to achieve the same success." It's no wonder Denny's sits atop of family dining franchises and is 26th among all retail franchise in Entrepreneur magazine's annual Franchise 500.

For more information on Denny's franchise opportunities call 1-800-304-0222 or visit our website at


There are 15,205(*) reasons why you should own a Subway(r) franchise. For 36 years Subway(r) has been helping entrepreneurs build and succeed in their own business. And, at last count, that's 15,205 independently owned and operated businesses run by people like you-people who have contributed ideas, talents and plain old hard work to make Subway(r) the number one franchise opportunity in all categories.(**)

If the idea of building a business and taking control of your financial future keeps appearing on your wish list, then you need to know that wish is closer to becoming a reality than you may think.

You would expect to pay a high price for such a well-established and recognizable brand, but compared to other popular fast-food concepts Subway(r) offers a low investment. And the concept is simple-an easy-to-run operation. Space requirements are also flexible, and the only cooking you need worry about is baking fresh bread and cookies.

Our track record speaks for itself, and you can benefit from our experience. But don't just take our word for it. Do your homework-talk to current owners, research the market-check us out. Subway's(r) commitment to minority franchisees in unwavering. It covers financial assistance by financing 90% of the franchise fee, as well as about $40,000 worth of equipment leasing.

"The diverse Subway(r) family worldwide makes up an outstanding profile of individuals who value teamwork, yet respect individuality," says Don Fertman, director of franchise sales. "Subway(r) provides the environment, you provide the willingness and desire to succeed."


By analyzing successful business prototypes and modifying them to fit the unique needs of the commercial cleaning industry, Coverall Cleaning Concepts( has developed an unrivaled model for promoting entrepreneurial success. The success formula is a combination of business programs and support systems that focus on meeting the needs of franchisees and customers alike. Divided into three distinct components, the programs consist of the Start-Up Phase, Operating Phase and Growth Phase.

The Start-Up Phase includes a comprehensive 10-step training program, covering virtually all aspects of the commercial cleaning business. The hands-on training introduces franchisees to innovative cleaning techniques, the latest technology, management, sales and marketing, as well as environmental, safety and security procedures. A beginning equipment package, an initial customer base, financing options and national membership opportunities are also included.

The Operating Phase continues to build on the solid relationship between Coverall and its franchisees. With Coverall providing customer relations, billing and collection and cash flow protection services, franchisees are able to focus their attention on the customer by providing top-quality, superior work, while avoiding many of the pitfalls that can plague independent small business owners. As an added bonus, Coverall's vast resources allow franchisees to take advantage of the cost savings obtained through volume buying.

Once a Coverall franchise is up and running, the growth potential is virtually limitless. It is during the Growth Phase that franchisees are provided with national marketing support to enhance and augment local initiatives as well as regular, on-going, and advanced training for specialized services.

Coverall stands apart from the competition with its comprehensive training and support program that is designed to help new entrepreneurs build a solid foundation for their business. Our industry leading approach to Franchise Owner education and support, cutting-edge systems and the latest technologies are key to Coverall's burgeoning success around the world--with more than 6,000 Franchise Owners servicing over 32,000 customers in 75+ metropolitan areas throughout the world.

Church's Chicken

The New Value Leader Hungry For An Opportunity?

If you are looking to invest in a growing global franchise with a proven strategic business system and exceptional consumer value, Church's Chicken is your Franchise of Choice.

As a member of the AFC Enterprises family, Church's is the second largest Chicken restaurant chain in the country, with over 1,500 locations in 28 states and 12 countries.

The Church's success story began in 1952 - across the street from the Alamo in San Antonio, Texas. Since then, Church's simple operating system and the public's passion for our great tasting chicken has made us a global leader in the Quick Service Restaurant industry.

Our chicken has "Crave Appeal" which keeps consumers coming back time after time for that unique, homemade taste that only Church's can provide. Our signature Honey Butter biscuits, jalapeno peppers, and fried okra are delicious compliments to our marinated Fried Chicken.

Church's has grown successfully in both International and U.S. markets. Multi-Unit development is a fundamental element of our global strategy and a requirement for establishing brand presence. Church's also continues to focus on growing the ranks of minority and women Franchise Partners. "Church's will continue to create opportunities that benefit the people and communities who are at the heart of our customer base", says Hala Moddelmog, President of Church's Chicken.

If you are Hungry for an Opportunity, Church's Wants You to Grow with our Family. Contact us--Global Business Development, 980 Hammond Dr.-Suite 1100, Atlanta, GA 30328, 800-639-3495 or visit our website at


If you're looking for a business opportunity with the quality leaders of the quick-service restaurant industry, you're Wendy's kind of person .. and Wendy's is you're type of company.

For more than 30 years, customers have been our number one priority. Some competitors have compromised the quality of their food for speed and convenience. But Wendy's success comes from consistently offering great-tasting food as well as fast service.

Our mission is to Deliver Total Quality, a concept that embraces everything we do. This passion for quality sets Wendy's apart from many restaurant concepts.

Serving the industry's best food gives our franchisees an important competitive advantage. Consumer research and independent tracking studies confirm that people believe Wendy's offers the widest variety of menu choices; the most nutritious selections; the best tasting hamburgers, chicken sandwiches, and salads; and the highest quality food of any hamburger chain.

Wendy's wants franchisees who, like Wendy's founder Dave Thomas, have a passion for the restaurant business and enjoy the pride and accomplishment that comes from delivering total quality to every Wendy's customer.

Like the customers we serve, the Wendy's family is a diverse group of people from many backgrounds. As Wendy's grows, we continue to welcome franchisees who reflect the diversity of our broad customer base.

Wendy's Franchisee Junior Bridgeman operates 135 Wendy's restaurants throughout Wisconsin, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Florida. In 2001, he was recognized among the "Black Enterprise 100," the magazine's ranking of profitable, competitive black-owned businesses.

"My success is a reflection of how committed Wendy's is to helping people grow their businesses", says Junior. "Not just franchisees like me, but suppliers as well."

Wendy's now serves millions of customers each day in more than 6,000 restaurants worldwide. If you want to join the Wendy's system, we'd like to hear from you. We're confident you'll choose the industry's quality leader.

(*) As of July 10, 2001, the number of Subway[R] individually owned and operated restaurants around the world.

(**) Entrepreneur magazine Annual Franchise 500, January 2001.
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From corporate African American executive to franchisee ... making it happen! (Special Advertising Section).

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