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The Friends Program.

Gerald Eaton has been elected President of The Friends Program board of trustees. Elected to other officer positions were: Steve Rothenberg, vice president; Matt D'Amore, treasurer; and Laura Hrasky, secretary. Continuing as trustees are: Ray Gerbi, Mark Lavalle, Betty Lenehan, Keith Lion, Jodi Roos, Karen Varney and Sheri-Vincent-Crisp. New trustees voted onto the board include: Trisha Anderson-Soule, Steve Arndt, Clint Cogswell, Michael McCormack, Sue O'Connor. Robert Larsen will serve as interim executive director and Mary DeVeau as ex officio from Concord Visiting Nurses Association. The Friends Program is a subsidiary of the Concord Regional Visiting Nurse Association, providing services to over 3,100 people annually.
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Date:Dec 8, 2006
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