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The Fresh Juice Company successfully launches its new state of the art production facility.

GREAT NECK, N.Y.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 28, 1996--The Fresh Juice Company Inc. (NASDAQ:FRSH) is proud to announce the successful opening of its new production facility. The plant which began operations in the early part of January 1996 is possibly the only juice plant in the United States capable of producing fresh squeezed juice, fresh frozen juice, and pasteurized juice.

The plant which occupies 70,000 square feet of space is located in Winter Haven, Fla. It is designed with separate and distinct refrigerated extraction rooms and filling rooms. In addition, the plant has a separate spiral freeze system, the first ever used in the citrus industry.

With the flexibility of the Florida plant, The Fresh Juice Company is developing several new product line extensions. One of these exciting line extensions is certified organic orange and grapefruit juice. Production and sales of the organic juice have already begun. The organic juice is marketed under the "Florida Pik't" brand name and has received a tremendous response from the market place.

Steven Smith, president of The Fresh Juice Company Inc., said, "The Fresh Juice Company fully intends to become a major player in the fresh juice industry. This plant enables us to produce the highest quality juice with the flexibility to develop other juice based beverages."

Now that the plant is fully operational, The Fresh Juice Company Inc. has entered into a relationship with Sun Orchard Inc. The agreement with Sun Orchard, a privately held Arizona based fresh juice company calls for The Fresh Juice Company to produce, market, and distribute, on behalf of Sun Orchard Inc., fresh juices to customers such as Marriott Hotels and Starbucks Coffee Company locations.

The Fresh Juice Company produces, markets, and sells frozen fresh squeezed and fresh squeezed orange juice, grapefruit juice, fresh pressed apple juice and other non-carbonated beverages under the brand mames of "Just Pik't" and "Fresh Pik't". The company also produces organic juices under the brand name "Florida Pik't". The company's products are presently being sold in numerous supermarket chains and to other food distributors throughout the United States. The company also markets its products internationally, primarily in Canada. For the fiscal year ended Nov. 30, 1995, the company reported net sales of $9,219,184 and net income of $271,043 or 7 cents per share.

CONTACT: The Fresh Juice Company Inc.

Jeff Smith, 516/482-5190
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Feb 28, 1996
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