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The Fourth Estate: Journalism in North America.

The Fourth Estate: Journalism in North America. Cavendish Square, January 2019. 112p. PLB $42.79. Table of Contents, Illus. Photos, Glossary, Bibliography, Further Information [Books, Websites, Videos], Chronology, Index.

4Q *4P * J * S

Griffin, Brett. Yellow Journalism, Sensationalism, and Circulation Wars. 978-1502634719

Miller, Derek. Vietnam and the Rise of Photojournalism. 9781502634832

Thiel, Kristen. Watergate and Investigative Journalism. 978-1502634870

Introducing the reader to the history of journalism in America, this six-book series covers topics from the founding of Colonial newspapers to the current 24-hour news cycle. Featuring biographies, social commentary, and primary source materials, these books work both as research tools and informative reading for history fans. Yellow Journalism, Sensationalism, and Circulation Wars focuses on the lives of publishers William Randolph Hearst and Joseph Pulitzer as they tackled the volatile social issues of the nineteenth century in their daily newspapers. It is noted in Vietnam and the Rise of Photojournalism that Vietnam is considered the first television war. Graphic photographs, first-person excerpts, and candid side notes deliver insight to the challenges faced by journalists as they are confronted with the horrors of war. Watergate and Investigative Journalism examines how the media covered a political scandal that still impacts society's trust of government and the executive office.

The content is interesting and informative, reinforcing the concept of the power of storytelling. The significant role the media plays, or has played, in a democracy is woven throughout the text in an objective and insightful manner. However, a disconcerting formatting issue appears in all three reviewed books: a sentence is interrupted by several pages of added material. To be fair, the inserted information often features intriguing "juicy bits," but the reader will either have to forgo the insert to continue the stream of information in the text, or go back and reread the disrupted sentence for continued comprehension. This series would be a great addition in schools that offer a journalism elective.--Lynne Stover


5Q Hard to imagine it being better written

4Q Better than most, marred only by occasional lapses.

3Q Readable, without serious defects.

2Q Better editing or work by the author might have warranted a 3Q.

1Q Hard to understand how it got published, except in relation to its P rating (and not even then sometimes).


5P Every YA (who reads) was dying to read it yesterday.

4P Broad general or genre YA appeal.

3P Will appeal with pushing.

2P For the YA reader with a special interest in the subject.

IP NoYA will read unless forced to for assignments.


M Middle School (defined as grades 6-8).

J Junior High (defined as grades 7-9).

S Senior High (defined as grades 10-12).

A/YA Adult-marketed book recommended for YAs.

NA New Adult (defined as college-age).

R Reluctant readers (defined as particularly suited for reluctant readers).

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Author:Stover, Lynne
Publication:Voice of Youth Advocates
Date:Aug 1, 2019
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