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The Football Game I'll Never Forget.

The Football Game I'll Never Forget

Selected by Chris McDonell

Firefly Books Ltd.

4 Daybreak Lane, Westport, CT 06880

1552978508 $24.95 1-800-387-5085

In The Football Game I'll Never Forget: 100 NFL Star's Stories, Chris McDonell's selections come from descriptions by the players themselves, as told to the editors of Football Digest, of the most memorable moments in games they played, and will thrill any football game who is heavily involved in the history of the sport. Dozens of famous Super Bowl games, divisional championships, and more are recounted by key players who contributed to historic events. A 'must' for avid football fans.
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Title Annotation:Firefly Books Ltd.
Author:Donovan, Diane C.
Publication:MBR Bookwatch
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Date:Feb 1, 2005
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