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The Food Legislative System of the UK.

The Food Legislative System of the UK

As time proceeds we demand ever more of our food in terms of safety and quality. The goverment for its part has to ensure that only safe food can be put on sale.

Well over a hundred years ago the British government began making rules and regulations surrounding the food business. Over that long period of time many modifications have taken place to those legal requirements. Not surprisingly the complexity of the whole system has increased till some would say that it is difficult at the very least to understand.

This text provides the reader with an introduction to the system behind the provision of food legislation as it applies today. Part 1 sets out the principles underlying the current food laws; Part 2 provides the historical context for the present day legislation; Part 3 deals with the problem of how changes in legislation are achieved; and Part 4 discusses some of the major influences on the system. Appendices provide further details of the Food Act 1984 and the main institutions of the European Community. There are even addresses for those who want more information.

The eleven chapters have been entitled: Primary legislation; Subordinate legislation; Development of primary food legislation; Development of product-specific food legislation; Replacing primary legislation; Making regulations; The European connection; Codex Alimentarius; Impact of concerns about diet and health; Role of interest groups; and a Summary and overview.

Altogether a readable text about a rather heavy subject.
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Date:Aug 1, 1989
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