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The Flower Man.

Owners: Bruce and Emiko Biggin

Address: 7107 W. 12th St., Little Rock, 72204, 663-0249

Start-up date: January

Bruce and Emiko Biggin supply flowers to local florists.

Their wholesale flower business has gotten off to a great start, co-owner Emiko Biggin says.

She and her husband planned the opening of The Flower Man around the Valentine's Day rush, hoping the business would receive a big boost.

The Biggins buy their flowers from a dealer in Miami.

Although they have plans to buy a refrigerated truck soon, the Biggins make deliveries in a station wagon.

The flowers most in demand have been roses and carnations.
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Title Annotation:New Businesses
Author:Harper, Kim
Publication:Arkansas Business
Article Type:Brief Article
Date:Feb 17, 1992
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