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The First Hotel Booking Platform That Provides Unrestricted Cash Back Rewards for Every Time You Travel.

San Jose, CA, December 22, 2017 --( In the U.S., 19 million reward points expire before getting used. That constitutes 33 percent of all reward points issued each year costing loyalty program reward holders 16 billion dollars each year. Booking travel can be extremely daunting but once you couple it with a confusing, restrictive travel loyalty program, it's no wonder that over 54 percent of Americans are unhappy with their travel reward options. This frustration fueled avid business traveler turned CEO, Basil Elotol, to create Triphop, the first hotel booking platform that rewards travelers with unrestricted cash back.

"When you book a hotel you are typically looking for four things: a great location, awesome prices, nice amenities and a good rewards program," said Basil Elotol, CEO and Co-founder of Triphop. "Most people can look for a good hotel deal on almost any platform but they are poorly rewarded for they loyalty to a specific brand. Within many of these big brand's terms and conditions are hidden expiration dates for unused points and when you couple their confusing guidelines and lack of freedom on where and how to use your points, you get an extremely unhappy customer that feels like they are in a constant loop of giving and not really receiving," said Elotol.

Opposed to offering redeemable points in a traditional loyalty program setting, Triphop has opted to disrupt the status quo with a program they have coined, UNLoyalty Travel Rewards. Travelers are rewarded with unrestricted cash back that can be redeemed via PayPal or check and can be spent anywhere UNLoyalty account holders choose. Every night stayed increases how much cash back travelers earn. Once account holders checkout of their hotel, their Triphop dashboard will be updated with the total amount earned. The Triphop UNLoyalty program is free to enroll in.

Prospective travelers can create a free account at Triphop and will be automatically enrolled into the UNLoyalty Travel Rewards program.

For more information about Triphop or to book your next hotel stay, visit:

About Triphop

Triphop is an online hotel booking platform that rewards travelers with unrestricted cashback via their UNLoyalty Travel Rewards program. As a points free hotel booking site, Triphop focuses on providing users a first-class experience that they come back for again and again. Triphop has become the most rewarding online travel website in the hotel booking marketplace because they make freedom of choice their number one priority. To learn more about Triphop, visit Triphop.

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Date:Dec 22, 2017
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