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The First Ever Pullman Bond for David Bowie Celebrates Its Fifth Anniversary.

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The Pullman Group,(R)LLC To Celebrate The Fifth Anniversary

of The First Ever Revolutionary $55 Million

Pullman Bond(TM) Deal for David Bowie

The Pullman Group,(R) LLC will celebrate five years of successful partnerships with artists and songwriters this year, marked by the fifth anniversary of the first legendary Pullman Bond(TM) deal for David Bowie. In 1997, David Pullman, the first and only financial professional to ever securitize intellectual property based on future royalty income, rocked the music industry with the successful completion of the legendary $55 million dollar deal for David Bowie. This groundbreaking deal landed David Pullman on Time Magazine's Top 100 innovators list, was named Euromoney's 1997 deal of the year and became the first in a series of what are now called Celebrity Pullman Bonds(TM), including those for Motown songwriters Holland-Dozier-Holland, Ashford and Simpson, James Brown, The Isley Brothers, and most recently the exclusive signing of all of the Marvin Gaye heirs. In just five short years, The Pullman Group,(R) LLC has become an economic powerhouse fueled by a truly revolutionary synergy of art and commerce.

"In a time where the future of the music industry is anything but business as usual we are proud to continue to help enable artists to take control of their future. To date, the first Pullman Bond(TM) has performed for five years, and lasted 60 periods at investment grade by more than one nationally recognized rating agency at the single A rating level," said David Pullman, the Founder, Chairman and CEO of The Pullman Group,(R) LLC. The deal was a private placement backed by 300 songs and compositions from David Bowie's catalogue of his first 25 gold albums and record masters, from his first hit Rebel Rebel to Fame to The Man Who Sold The World, to Golden Years, and Heroes.

The Pullman Bond(TM) for David Bowie revolutionized the music, entertainment, and intellectual property industries by enabling artists, songwriters and creators to raise funds secured by future royalties of their work. Pullman not only revolutionized the industry, he created a successful business model for artists and creators - such as Bowie and Pullman - to take control of their financial future in the face of today's changing business environment. It is apparent that now more then ever, as artists band together to fight for greater financial and creative flexibility from their labels, record majors, publishers and studios, that David Pullman has given them an outstanding option from which to operate.

Several artists followed suit in a series of Pullman Bonds(TM) after the David Bowie deal, which was followed by a $30 million deal with Holland-Dozier-Holland (the Motown Hit Machine) an eight figure deal with R&B greats Ashford & Simpson, and the $30 million deal with "Godfather of Soul" James Brown. Another eight-figure deal includes the catalogue of The Isley Brothers, and the most recent exclusive signing was with the heirs of Marvin Gaye. This marked yet another groundbreaking deal for The Pullman Group,(R) LLC as the first ever entertainment securitization of estate assets by any party. The Pullman Group's experience includes well over $1 billion in transactions through 2002.

A Pullman Bond(TM) is a financing of music and entertainment royalties that allows the original creator or owner to maintain 100% ownership of the assets that are financed. The Pullman Group,(R) LLC developed these deals to empower artists and creators of intellectual property.

Please visit The Pullman Group's,(R) LLC Web Site at for more details. Photos are also available of David Pullman, artists and songwriters.

Original press releases on the Pullman Bond(TM) for David Bowie, along with press and samples of some of the titles included in the deal can be found at .

Pullman Bonds(TM) is a registered trademark of The Pullman Group(R), LLC.

Bowie Bonds(TM) is a registered trademark of The Pullman Group(R), LLC.
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Feb 4, 2002
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