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The Fetch.

The Fetch written by Chris Humphreys Knopf Books for Young Readers, 2006 0-375-83292-0 (hc) $21.00 for Grades 9 and up

Chris Humphreys (aka C.C. Humphreys) has done for teens what he has been doing for adults most of his writing career: he has written a compelling novel that takes its readers on a journey of mind and spirit. Our hero, Sky, is only 14, yet he experiences life through the eyes of his ancestors. From the battle of Stamford Bridge, where Harald Hardrada tried to seize the English throne, to the funeral pyre of a Viking berserker, Sky is transported back in time to relive these events himself. He learns to hear the "whispers in his blood," to use ancient runes and create a "Fetch" that is a duplicate of himself. Sometimes this copy is physical and walks the halls of his school without his knowing, while at other times it is spiritual and visits his ancestors.


Sky is not alone. Kristin, his older and rather strong-willed cousin, is destined to be his watcher. While off-put that she must be his assistant, she shows an amazing talent for learning the secrets of the rune stones. And before the reader thinks she is there only to play a stereotypical female role, I would caution you to keep reading. This sometimes frightening and certainly action-packed novel is anything but stereotypical.

James McCann is an author and a bookseller at Kidsbooks in Vancouver.

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Title Annotation:We Recommend
Author:McCann, James
Publication:Canadian Children's Book News
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Date:Jan 1, 2007
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