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The Fantasy/SciFi Shelf.

Door To Anywhere

Poul Anderson


PO Box 809, Framingham, MA 01701

9781886778979, $29.00,

The late, great Poul William Anderson (November 25, 1926 - July 31, 2001) was an American science fiction author who began his career during one of the Golden Ages of the genre and continued to write and remain popular into the 21st century. Anderson also authored several works of fantasy, historical novels, and a prodigious number of short stories. He received numerous awards for his writing, including seven Hugo Awards and three Nebula Awards. Fortunately for a new generation of appreciative fans of science fiction and fantasy, many of Poul Anderson's works are being reprinted in an outstanding 'Collected Short Stories' series by NESFA Press, the fifth volume of which, "Door To Anywhere", has now been published. This 512 page compendium is comprised of twenty-one of Anderson's immortal tales ranging from The Year of the Ransom; White King's War; Death Womb' and The Star Plunderer; to Fairy Gold; The Life of Your Time; The Fatal Fulfillment; and the title piece, Door to Anywhere. For over fifty years Poul Anderson held his position as one of the most popular writers in the science fiction genre, and "Door To Anywhere" amply demonstrates why. All science fiction fans and enthusiasts would be well served to visit the NESFA Press web site at to see a complete listing of their reclaimed list of 'time lost' classics by Poul Anderson and many other luminaries of Science Fiction & Fantasy.

The Katar Legacy

Tobin Loshento

New Libri Press

4230 95th Ave SE

Mercer Island, WA 98040

9781614690054, $14.95,

Support may come where we least expect it in life. "The Katar Legacy" is the first book in the Katar fantasy series from Tobin Loshento as he tells of the return of the Tarth, ancient evils of the past that threaten the cities after millenia of rule by the five families. With twists and turns and plenty of adventure, "The Katar Legacy" is well worth considering for those who want a different taste of fantasy.


Mercedes Lackey

Phoenix Pick

PO Box 10339, Rockville, MD 20849-0339

9781612420493, $12.99,

Food, water, air, all necessities zombies don't particularly care for. "Reboots" is a twist of science fiction and fantasy from famed genre author Mercedes Lackey, working with Cody Martin in the Stellar Guild series, teaming new authors with bestsellers. Martin and Lackey create a story of deep space exploration where the undead as just a matter of course for Earth, and how these unusual humans past their expiration contribute to science by being shoved into deep space. "Reboots" strikes a good deal of humor with its intriguing concept, much recommended. Also from Phoenix Pick science fiction and fantasy Stellar Guild series is "On the Train" (9781612420769, $12.99) by Harry Turtledove and Rachel Turtledove, telling the story of a train on the rails through the mechanical and magical. "When the Blue Shift Comes" (9781612420745, $12.99) teams Robert Silverberg and Alvaro Zinos-Amaro, telling the story of humanity's true immortals and their impact on its destruction. "Tau Ceti" (9781612420479, $12.99) from Kevin J. Anderson & Steve Sevile, telling the story of the search for humanity's new home in the stars.

The Fridgularity

Mark. A. Rayner

Monkeyjoy Press

46 Duchess Ave., London, ON Canada N6C 1N2

9781927590003, $15.99,

The internet is accessible by more and more things, even when it may be that it isn't the best idea. "The Fridgulairty" is a science fiction adventure following Blake Given and his web-enabled fridge which has chosen to take on the world by shutting off the internet, and Blake has to deal with the sudden disappearance of the once so vital internet, while trying to live life as a human being. With plenty of humor and much more, "The Fridgularity" is an exciting, sci-fi view askew, highly recommended.

Aris Returns

Devin Morgan

Broad Lit

14011 Ventura Blvd., Suite 206 E.

Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

9780985959616, $14.99

Single events can uproot and change our lives more than we could ever expect. "Aris Returns" is a novel of suspense, as Psychologist Sarah Hagan works with a troubled young man and finds out that an ancient vampire lives in her patient, and what's more, the revelations may yet entirely uproot his life entirely. "Aris Returns" is an exciting storm laced with paranormal romance, highly recommended and not to be missed.

Sentry's Time

A. M. Boyle

The Wolf Pirate Project

337 Lost Lake Drive, Divide, CO 80814

9780982234372, $16.00,

Peace never comes easily. "Sentry's Time: Veil of Redemption" follows the continuing struggles of Jack Monterey, who tries to put the problems with his identity behind him only to have greater threats to the Balance emerge and force him to protect it and the world as he knows it, and face what he has struggled so much to put away for good. "Sentry's Time" is an insightful and recommended addition to fantasy and science fiction collections, not to be missed.

The Loathsome Lady

Lynne Namka

Talk, Trust, & Feel Therapeautics

5398 Golder Ranch Road, Tucson, AZ 85739

9781480061347, $5.99,

The stories of King Arthur have been called romances, and for some they seek more romance to it. "The Loathsome Lady" is a twist of the ancient tales with the love aspect kicked up as Lynne Namka takes a side view of romance and the balance of power between sexes, with a zesty dash of humor. "The Loathsome Lady" is an enticing and much recommended addition to general fantasy collections.
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