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The Fairy Godmother Academy #3: Zally's Book.

In this latest book from The Fairy Godmother Academy series set in the dreamland Aventurine, we meet Zally. She is 13 and works with her mom and grandmother, Abuelita, in the family bakery. Abuelita tells Zally about the magical abilities of the fairy godmothers that are passed down through generations from mother to daughter. She also says that fairy godmothers aren't just for people, but for all parts of the earth. Zally is reluctant to believe all this.



One night while Zally is having cocoa with her grandmother, she tells Zally about this wonderful place. Little does Zally know that the magical cocoa she's enjoying will transport her to Aventurine, but that's where she awakens!

The adventure begins when Zally is sent on a quest with Imishi, a fairy who broke one of her wings, and Kir, a horse. Queen Patchouli sends the trio to save a fairy queen who has lost her will to live. Zally, who has a love for maps, quickly discovers that Aventurine does not have a single map. As she begins making a map, she suddenly discovers she has another talent: she can understand the thoughts of animals. Can Zally save the fairy queen and complete her fairy godmother training?

This book is great for fans of Harry Potter and American Girl books. It's my favorite from the series--it shows how strong girls can be!


Veda, 11, is a nature loving, home-schooled vegetarian who lives with her sister, parents, and 10 animals. She plays soccer, is a cadette in Girl Scouts, and hopes to one day star on American Idol.

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by Jan Bozarth

Reviewed by Veda Hughes

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Author:Hughes, Veda
Publication:New Moon Girls
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Date:Nov 1, 2010
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