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The Extraditionist.

The Extraditionist

Todd Merer

Thomas & Mercer

9781477806012, $15.95, PB, 428pp,

Synopsis: When the world's most notorious cartel bosses get arrested, they call Benn Bluestone. A drug lawyer sharp enough to exploit loopholes in the system, Bluestone loves the money, the women, the action that come with his career--but working between the lines of justice and crime has taken its toll, and he desperately wants out. He's convinced himself that only an insanely rich client can guarantee him a lavish retirement.

When the New Year begins with three promising cases, Bluestone thinks he's hit pay dirt. But then the cases link dangerously together--and to his own past. Does the mysterious drug kingpin Sombra hold the key to Bluestone's ambitions? Or does the key open a door that could bring the entire federal justice system to a screeching halt and net Bluestone a life in jail without parole?

Critique: It's clear that with his novel "The Extraditionist", author Todd Merer draws upon his thirty years as a criminal attorney, specializing in the defense of high-ranking cartel chiefs extradited to the United States, to add a special note of authenticity and judicial accuracy to his riveting work of fiction. A deftly crafted and decidedly entertaining read from beginning to end, "The Extraditionist" is an especially recommended addition to community library collections. It should be noted for personal reading lists that "The Extraditionist" is also available in a digital book format (Kindle, $4.99) and as a complete and unabridged audio book (Brilliance Audio, 9781536690200, $16.99, MP3 CD).

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Date:Jan 1, 2018
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