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The Exeter Book: A Bibliography.

Comp. by Bernard J. Muir, Exeter Medieval English Texts and Studies (Exeter University of Exeter Press, 1992). xiii + 133 pp. ISBN 0-85989-370-7. 17.50[pounds]. This is a comprehensive, systematic and up-to-date bibliography of the vast body of scholarship done on the Exeter Book (with just two exceptions: it contains only a selection of unpublished doctoral dissertations; no articles written in Japanese are included). More than 1,600 entries are arranged in nine sections: I |Primary sources'; II |Pre-1930 critical writings' (the only one arranged chronologically; alphabetical order is maintained elsewhere); III |Reference works'; IV |Critical writings used in establishing the text' (those of more technical nature); V |Monograph studies'; VI |Anthologies of literary criticism'; VII Critical literature from 1930 onwards' (partly overlapping with I, IV, VI); VIII |A selection of translations'; IX Addenda (items too recent to be included above). It gives reprints, revised editions and changes of publishers for subsequent editions. An admirable and eminently useful piece of work.
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Publication:Medium Aevum
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Date:Mar 22, 1993
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