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The Essentials.

YOU probably know that chocolate can be a mood enhancer but did you know the humble pea can help lift the blues too? Peas are a good source of vitamin B1 which is a powerful mood enhancer. Too little B1 and you could find yourself prone to irritability and depression so throw a few sugar snaps into the Sunday roast.

Hollywood holds out that beautiful seductive fantasy with the dark bleak and grim reality hovering like a shadowActress Kim Basinger

pMOVE over single girls about town -- the modern woman wants to get married. According to a survey byAustralian wine Rosemount Estate, 71% of single women still see marriage as a must for them.

It may be a sad fact that 56% of marriages end in divorce but girls are a traditional bunch with 69% of those surveyed admitting they would not propose to their partner and 74% insisting they would never have an affair with a married man.

When it comes to role models -- as always Hollywood gets a nod. Single women look to the rose-hued marriage of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston as the ideal but Homer Simpson and his long-suffering wife Marge do come a close second.

pBRITISH teenage girls are a collection of contradictions who love all things fashionable yet think their grandparents are the coolest older people they know.

Girls voted trendy rock band Maroon 5 their favourite group -- and cat suit -wearing Justin Hawkins, from The Darkness, topped the poll in the coolest male rock star category.

JK Rowling's Harry Potter books were all-time favourites of the girls aged 16 to 19, and Grease -- the film made in 1978 before any of those surveyed were born -- was their top movie.

Some days I wonder ifI'll ever do anything meaningful and worthwhile againAlastair Campbell, the Prime Minister's former press supremo.

..TEXT: SET your eyes to the sky in Southport this weekend for the Southport Airshow. Established 12 years ago, the show is recognised as the North West's biggest. More than 150, 000 spectators are set to see the spectacular flying programme of military and civilian aircraft, including the latest fast jets, vintage aircraft, helicopters, aerobatic aircraft and parachute displays. Starts today and ends tomorrow. For more information see www. visitsouthport. com

pFED up of your man not pulling his weight around the house because he ``doesn't know how to do it''? Then enrol him in the UK's first Cleaning Academy.

Cleaning tool manufacturer Spontex launched the school after a survey into the cleaning divide revealed that more than half of men hide behind the old claim that they are blind to dirt and only clean when they are nagged to do it.

The first course sold out in no time and there are more planned. If your man is domestically challenged, get him to clean up his act now at www. spontex. co. uk

When everybody asks, `Are you moving to America?' I say no. Why?

I'm too young to drink out there 19 -year-old British acting talent Keira Knightley

Wet fishes cost jobs

NEW research reveals that employers regard most British handshakes as ``wet fishes''. And it's predominantly women who could do with a firmer hand.

Recruitment agency Marketing Professionals UK monitored 200 male and female handshakes -- of the men's 21% of handshakes were regarded as wet fish, 56% were just right and 23% were vice-like.

Among women, 46% of female handshakes were wet fish 48% were just right and only 6% were vice-like. It doesn't bode well for women hoping to get ahead.

``We experience hundreds of handshakes a week with potential candidates and most of the time it is like shaking hands with a damp lettuce leaf, '' says Jenny Cainer, of Marketing Professionals UK. ``It sets a bad impression right away with potential employers. ''


p Posh Spice (below) confirming the pregnancy rumours. That should keep her from releasing any new music.

pThe Liverpool Big Read campaign. Go buy your child the half-price Holes now and prise them away from the TV.

p Art while you eat. Displaying famous works in Liverpool's restaurants as part of the Biennial.

p The L-Word. The sexy sapphic show on Living TV makes a good stab at filling the Sex and the City slot.

p Skeletal celebrities. Listen up Nicole Kidman and Sophie Dahl -- you looked great a few pounds heavier. p Cliff Richard taking up the stetson and dropping soft rock for Country and Western music following his defection from EMI to Universal.

p Diets where you have to count the number of bites you take to lose weight. Life is way too short. . .

p The new family in Eastenders. And you thought the show couldn't get any worse.



JOANNA TAYLOR and friends enjoying a meal at the Newz Bar, Liverpool, then hitting the dance floor for hours.; spotted; ANDREW LANCEL who plays DI Neil Manson in the Bill was spotted meeting up with pal Dave Coltman, manager of The Place when the actor popped into town.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Sep 11, 2004
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