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The Essential IVP Reference Collection.

The Essential IVP Reference Collection (Inter-Varsity Press, $180; buy it online at 20% off). This CD contains thirteen large reference books on biblical studies and four "pocket dictionaries," all in electronic format. There are eight large dictionaries--of the Bible, theology, biblical theology, Jesus and the Gospels, Paul and his letters, the later NT, NT background, and biblical imagery. Then there are two Bible Background commentaries (extra biblical info), a one-volume commentary, an atlas, and a book on the "hard sayings" of the Bible. Ten million or so words that would cost you more than $550 in hardback. Type in a verse number, and the computer finds its way to data relevant to the passage. Evangelical in orientation, and well worth the price. The maps in the atlas can be put in a PowerPoint presentation.
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Date:Apr 1, 2004
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