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The Environmental Shelf.

And the Tide Comes In ...

Merryl Alber, author

Joyce Mihran Turley, illustrator

Taylor Trade Publishing

4501 Forbes Boulevard, Suite 200

Lanham, MD 20706

9780981770055 $15.95

And the Tide Comes In ... Exploring a Georgia Salt Marsh is a children's picturebook in which a young girl shows her visiting cousin the beautiful local salt marsh, and teaches her about its ecological complexity, including the twice-daily tides that submerge it! From the life cycles of shrimp and snails, to roaming raccoons and skittering crabs, the salt marsh is shared by a wide variety of amazing and busy animals! The story is told in the style of a friendly narrative, supplemented with fact-filled sidebars. "All salt marshes are covered by salty water brought in from the ocean during high tide, and exposed to the air during low tide. Although the particular plants and animals found in marshes do differ from one area to another, they are all shared by land and marine animals, and they're all covered by grasses that can withstand getting flooded by salt water." Wonderful color illustrations enhance this enjoyable and educational treasury, highly recommended especially for public library children's collections.

Make a Splash!

Cathryn Berger Kaye & Philippe Cousteau

Free Spirit Publishing

217 Fifth Avenue North, Suite 200

Minneapolis, MN 55401-1299

9781575424170, $13.99,

The oceans and wetlands of the world hold much of the wildlife that many young people love, but it may prove to be in much danger. "Make a Splash! A Kid's Guide to Protecting Our Oceans, Lakes, Rivers, & Wetlands" encourages kids to do what they can for the environment if they love the rivers and oceans, stating the moves they can make against pollution, climate change, oil spills, and other threatening disasters. "Make a Splash!" is a strong addition to kid's pets and wildlife collections, much recommended.

Tears For Nanertak

Skip Hofstrand

Outskirts Press, Inc.

10940 South Parker Road, #515

Parker, CO 80134

9781478720812 $29.95

Tears for Nanertak is a children's picturebook that adds a heart-wrenching personal touch to the ongoing crisis of global climate change. Nanertak is a polar bear cub; he and his mother Nanuck are in jeopardy because their Arctic homeland is vanishing - the polar ice cap is warming, and their icebergs and ice floes are melting away. Nanertak and his mother undertake a difficult journey in an attempt to survive, yet it is only a most unexpected rescue from a ship's captain and crew that saves them, and finds them a new home in an Arctic Zoo. "When people read of the Polar bears' journey and their melting homeland, they cried tears for Nanertak. / drip ... / drip ... / drip ... / Nanuck soon realized the children were the only hope for a cold future in the Arctic once again." Beautiful watercolor illustrations lend an air of majesty this emotionally moving storybook.

The Big Field

Anne Morddel

KWS Publishers

9780982690079, $17.95,

A Christmas heat wave is only some of the oddities a child in South America sees. "The Big Field: A Child's Year Under the Southern Cross" is a beautiful journey into the Atlantic rainforests of South America and the natural sights and sounds youths would see living there. Blending art and lilting prose, "The Big Field" is a strong addition to children's picturebook collections with an environmentally-friendly flare.
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Publication:Children's Bookwatch
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Date:Jan 1, 2013
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