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The End of Lawyers? Rethinking the Nature of Legal Services.

The End of Lawyers? By Richard Susskind

In The End of Lawyers?, author and professional adviser Richard Susskind evaluates the legal profession in light of the current economic climate. His findings raise serious questions about the future of both legal services and the legal practice as a whole.

Susskind argues against expensive legal services, which he believes the new market will no longer tolerate. Many services, Susskind believes, could be undertaken more efficiently and less expensively. Unless attorneys begin to adjust their way of doing things, Susskind believes tasks once immediately given to lawyers will be accomplished via other, less expensive means.

According to Susskind, in the notso-distant future, the legal profession will be driven by a pull toward the commoditization of legal services and the development of new legal technologies.

To meet these coming challenges, The End of Lawyers? suggests law professionals become more entrepreneurial and willing to adapt to new methods. Susskind encourages attorneys to remain openminded to a changing legal world, and he includes in his book suggestions to adapt to the impending changes.

With eight chapters discussing commoditization and technology trends, The End of Lawyers? is set to become a helpful handbook for lawyers transitioning into the future.

The End of Lawyers?, 303-pp., is published by Oxford University Press and is available online ( for $50.

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Publication:Florida Bar Journal
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Date:May 1, 2010
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