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The Encyclopedia of Food and Nutrition.

The ENCYCLOPEDIA of FOOD and NUTRITION by Jo Rogers. 480 pages with index. Price: 28.00. (UK: Merehurst

This very fully illustrated book provides a wealth of information about the foods we eat. The publishers tell us that more than 1700 foods and drinks from around the world are listed and in nearly every case there is an illustration. Each entry in this book provides details about the food's origin and history. It also lists alternative names and gives information about buying and storage, preparation and use, processing methods and indeed the range available. On top of that the entry provides a complete nutritional analysis in terms of energy value, protein, fat, carbohydrate, cholesterol, dietary fibre, minerals and vitamins.

For simplicity, the book is indexed alphabetically with each section prefaced by an introduction dealing with the major features and uses of the foods in that category. There is also advice on choosing a healthy diet, tables listing the Recommended Daily Intakes of the major nutrients and a list of the most commonly used additives, which is why the author was assisted by no fewer than thirty others in assembling the text which features around 1200 illustrations.

The major headings found run: vegetables; fruits; fungi; meats; sausages and preserved meats; poultry and eggs; fish and shellfish; breads, grains and cereals; pasta and noodles; salt and baking agents; cakes and pastries; desserts and puddings; milk products; cheeses; pulses, seeds and nuts; fats and oils; herbs and spices; sugars, syrups and sweeteners; confectionery; jams, spreads and dips; sauces, mustards and pastes; pickles and preserves; extracts, essences and colourings; dressings and vinegars; fast foods; canned and packaged foods; and drinks.
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Date:Feb 1, 1991
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