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The Electronic Gallery.

The Electronic Gallery will be celebrating its ninth anniversary at the 1993 National Art Education Association Convention in Chicago. The show was created by Marsha McRae Hogue, a high school art teacher in Dallas, Texas. After coordinating this annual, professionally-juried membership exhibit for seven years, Ms. Hogue passed the leadership to a new director, Lenore Orlowska, a high school art teacher in Detroit, Michigan.

Bringing the exhibition into a multi-media format, Ms. Orlowska states, "I have sought new dimensions in presenting the Electronic Gallery. In Phoenix, Arizona, I was able to present it on video in the form of a multi-image slide presentation accompanied by graphic overlay, music and voice over." This was achieved with the help of the Mass Communications Department at Northwestern High School where Orlowska teaches. Commenting further, Orlowska relates," ...with the expertise of Ron Kiuitula, video-production teacher, Warren Michael Young, technician, and closed-circuit TV, we were able to achieve an Electronic Gallery that can be shown at any time..."

Presenting the Electronic Gallery in video exemplifies Ms. Hogue's objectives when she described the membership exhibition and its goals as "...a unique exhibit of artist/instructors, who not only produce their own work, but have chosen to educate others in the life skill of creative expression."

The artwork in this Showcase features some of the award-winning entries from the 1992 NAEA exhibition presented in Phoenix, Arizona. A11 NAEA members are encouraged to participate in this professionally juried exhibition. For information on the 1994 Electronic Gallery, contact Lenore Orlowska, 10 Berwick Lane, Dearborn, Michigan 48120.
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Title Annotation:National Art Education Association jury membership exhibit
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Date:Apr 1, 1993
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