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The Effect of Various Caustic Chemicals on the Composition and Integrity of Soft and Rigid Gas permeable Contact Lenses.

The materials of hydrogel and rigid gas permeable contact lenses were compared to determine the absorption and change in shape by five different chemicals including Iodine, Ammonium hydroxide, Acetic acid, hairspray, and onion juice. The lens types were determined as soft lenses by low, medium, and high water content and rigid lenses by low and high oxygen permeability. It was hypothesized that the soft hydrogel lenses would absorb more chemical than the rigid lenses and that the rigid gas permeable lenses would be more durable and withstand more of the harsh chemicals used than the hydrogel lenses. Through a process of lens submersion into specific concentrations of the chemicals and observation of mass change, the absorption was determined for all five chemicals by all five lens types. Through statistical analysis, it was determined that the null hypothesis was not rejected and there was no significant difference between the lens type and the ability to absorb specific surrounding solutions. The statistical significant was determined using the Chi-square analysis for qualitative data and one-way analysis of variance for qualitative data. This research is important to all people because these chemicals are very common and can lead to substantial corneal or other infections of the eye.
Justine M. Siegers
Spring Valley High School
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Author:Siegers, Justine M.
Publication:Bulletin of the South Carolina Academy of Science
Article Type:Brief Article
Geographic Code:1U5SC
Date:Jan 1, 2001
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