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The Earth & Me.

The Earth & Me

Sandra Robbins, author; Joan Alpers, illustrator; Jeff Olmsted, musical


See-More's Workshop

325 West End Avenue, #12-B, New York, NY 10023

1882601491 $23.95

Written by Sandra Robbins and featuring the illustrations of Joan Alpers, The Earth & Me is based on a puppet and dance musical performed by New York's Shadow Box Theatre, and stresses the importance of life's delicate balance. Accompanied by a 48-minute music CD, the rhyming verse traces the cosmic origins of the Earth and life upon it, and embodies themes of hope and renewal. "And this is the story / That the Earth told the Child // In the beginning / There was stillness // In the beginning / There was motion // My blazing ball of fire quieted // The stars in the night / Called me their sister // The shafts of sunlight split / Framing colored mirrors // The Rainbow encircled me with its embrace."
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Publication:Small Press Bookwatch
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Date:Apr 1, 2005
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