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The EUROCALL Review, Volume 20, Number 2.

ERIC Descriptors: Computer Assisted Instruction; Educational Technology; Foreign Countries; Electronic Learning; Computer Mediated Communication; Blended Learning; Vocabulary Development; Mandarin Chinese; Story Telling; Teaching Methods; Computational Linguistics; Comparative Analysis; Second Language Learning; Second Language Instruction; English (Second Language); Computer Software; Web Based Instruction; Aerospace Education; Engineering Education; English for Special Purposes; Teacher Education

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"The EUROCALL Review" is published online biannually by the European Association for Computer-Assisted Language Learning (EUROCALL). This issue offers regular sections on: (1) up-to-date information on Special Interest Groups; (2) reports on on-going CALL or CALL-related R&D projects in which EUROCALL members participate; (3) reports and reviews of examples of good practice in language learning website development; and (4) reviews of new books, CALL software, etc. This issue contains the following articles: (1) Pedagogic Corpora for Content and Language Integrated Learning. Insights from the BACKBONE Project (Kurt Kohn); (2) Vivre en Aquitaine: pedagogy, audience, design (Tita Beaven); (3) SMS as a learning tool: an experimental study (Mar Gutierrez-Colon Plana, Pere Gallardo Torrano and M. Elisa Grova); (4) Comparing vocabulary learning of EFL learners by using two different strategies (mobile learning vs. flashcards) (Behrooz Azabdaftari and Mohammad Amin Mozaheb); (5) A set of free cross-platform authoring programs for flexible web-based CALL exercises (Myles O'Brien); (6) The Use of Digital Storytelling for ESP in a Technical English Course for Aerospace Engineers (Ana Sevilla-Pavon, Belen Serra-Camara and Ana Gimeno-Sanz); (7) The Challenges of Blended Learning: Critically Evaluating the Chinese Language Case (Bo Hu); (8) English in class and on the go: Multimodal u-Learning (Soraya Garcia-Sanchez); and (9) "Learning through Sharing: Open Resources, Open Practices, Open Communication". Teacher Education and Computer-Mediated Communication SIGs joint event (Ana Beaven). Individual articles contain figures, tables, notes, and references.

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Title Annotation:European Association for Computer-Assisted Language Learning
Author:Gimeno, Ana, Ed.
Publication:ERIC: Reports
Article Type:Abstract
Geographic Code:4E
Date:Sep 1, 2012
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