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I got a skin rash that lasted for weeks and my doctor said it was guttate psoriasis. My GP said it was rare. Will it come back? Guttate psoriasis is quite uncommon and usually happens in children or people under 30. It most commonly follows a bacterial throat infection with streptococcus, or can be triggered by too much alcohol, sunburn, stress or injury to the skin. It could develop into longer-term psoriasis. It takes the form of tear drop-shaped areas of redness and itchy skin and is treated with moisturisers and mild steroids. Why do the glands in my neck swell up every time I get a sore throat? You should be seeing your doctor if you keep getting sore throats. The ' glands' in the neck are lymph nodes, millions of infection-fighting white cells held together by a network of tissue. Dense concentrations of them occur at vital areas to prevent infections from entering the main part of the body from the arms, legs and throat. It is normal for lymph nodes to become swollen and painful when you have an infection. If they don't settle in a couple of days, you may need some antibiotics. My wife makes fun of me because I sneeze when I put the light on in the morning or go outside. Can you please explain to her that I am not a freak? Up to 35 per cent of the population have a photic sneeze. This is thought to be due to crossed-wires in one of the nerves that come from the brain called the trigeminal nerve. Tell your wife to be more tolerant.
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Publication:Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Feb 5, 2012
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